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Top hotels for your stay in Port Antonio. Many top hotels in Portland are half hotel / half apartment or villa (aparthotels) giving you the benefit of greater privacy and independence while still having all the usual hotel facilities available, including restaurants and maid service. Always consider location when choosing accommodation in Portland. Some exclusive hotels have stunning locations or views in more remote hillside or beach areas. With prices from $50 a night to $550 and a choice of bedrooms, chalets, cabins and villas, there's going to be something to satisfy most visitors desires and pockets. The Exclusive Travel Group team wish you the best experience and enjoyment in Port Antonio Jamaica.
Trident Hotel
Trident Hotel star ratingsTrident Hotel 4 star ratingsTrident Hotel 5 star ratingsstar ratings
Trident Hotel. Anchovy, Port Antonio 1(800) 300-6220 – USA & Canada. 1(876) 633-7100 Mobile: 1(876) 873-7100 from $600 246 reviews
Trident Hotel bad review246 positive reviews
Mockingbird Hill Port Antonio
Mockingbird Hill Hotel star ratingsMockingbird Hill Hotel star ratingsMockingbird Hill Hotel star ratings
Mockingbird Hill Hotel. P.O. Box 254. Port Antonio. +1 876 993 ext. 7134 or 7267. From $165 to $366. 424 great reviews
Mockingbird Hillt good reviews Lovely room with plenty of space and fabulous view.
San Sky Resort hotel in Port Antonio
San Sky Resort star ratingsSan Sky Resort star ratingsSan Sky Resort star ratings
San Sky Resort Hotel, Port Antonio. 1-866-599-6674 From $120.
San Sky Hotel Port Antonio good review"Very peaceful and away from any city life"“I will be back! I can’t think of anything I didn't like."
Geejam Hotel
Geejam Hotel star ratingsGeejam Hotel star ratingsGeejam Hotel star ratingsGeejam Hotel star ratings
Geejam Hotel. 122 Skippers Blvd, San San, Port Antonio. 533 reviews.
Geejam Hotel bad review"Expensive relaxation. Prices to eat high. Dirty carpet. Very private. Jacuzzi on deck"
Geejam Hotel good review“The ultimate romantic getaway!”
The Jamaica Palace Hotel
The Jamaica Palace Hotel star ratingsThe Jamaica Palace Hotel star ratingsThe Jamaica Palace Hotel star ratings
The Jamaica Palace Hotel. Williamsfield, Port Antonio from $171. 92 reviews
The Jamaica Palace Hotel bad review"Nice hotel but Dead. Worst burger ever"
The Jamaica Palace Hotel good review"A palace you can afford. Very quiet romantic peaceful getaway"
Pimento Lodge
Pimento Lodge star ratingsPimento Lodge star ratingsPimento Lodge star ratings
Pimento Lodge. Rose Garden, Long Bay from $155 to $206. (2 sharing) 80 reviews
Pimento Lodge bad review"Nothing is in walking distance. Very steep hill to access property"
Pimento Lodge good review"Absolutely great place to stay, with fantastic hospitality."
exclusive Bay View Eco Resort
Bay View Eco Resort star ratingsBay View Eco Resort star ratings
Bay View Eco Resort. Anchovy Main Rd. Port Antonio. 26+ reviews. From $112pn
Bay View Eco Resort good review"Bay View Resort and Spa is definitely a little rural getaway."
Bay View Eco Resort good review"Relaxing Resort with a Great View."
Hotel Jamaican Colors
Hotel Jamaican Colors star ratingsHotel Jamaican Colors star ratings
Hotel Jamaican Colors. Long Bay. from $80. 130 reviews
Hotel Jamaican Colors bad review"The pizzas are really excellent but the menu could be improved"
Hotel Jamaican Colors good review"Breakfast could be improved but fantastic place"
Barhanna Vista Hotel
Barhanna Vista Hotel star ratingsBarhanna Vista Hotel star ratings
Barhanna Vista Hotel. Boston Beach, Port Antonio From $80
Barhanna Vista Hotel bad review"The rooms didn't have AC.The fans helped....but I'd have liked AC."
Barhanna Vista Hotel good review"The property was to die for its an oasis. I am definately going back"
Hotel Tim Bamboo
Hotel Tim Bamboo star ratingsHotel Tim Bamboo star ratings
Hotel Tim Bamboo. 5 Eveleigh Park Road, Port Antonio. from $60 to $230. 170 reviews
Hotel Tim Bamboo bad review"It's not luxurious however it is decent, clean and the service is good"
Hotel Tim Bamboo good review"perfect if you just need a clean place to stay for a while. The staff was courteous and the food was ok"
Moon San bedroom
Moon San location star ratingsMoon San Villa star ratings
Moon San Villa. Blue Lagoon Road. San San $155 to $210. 75 reviews
Moon San Villa bad review"It was okay, nothing special"
Moon San Villa good review"The staff was amazing and the surrounding area is beautiful."
Great Huts Resort
Great Huts Resort star ratingsGreat Huts Resort star ratings
Great Huts Resort. 8-10 Boston Bay, Port Antonio. From $70. 843 reviews
Great Huts Resort bad review"Very poor. Can hardly find any single advantage, no value of money at all."
Great Huts Resort good review"Great views, great landscape"
San San Tropez
San San Tropez star ratingsSan San Tropez star ratings
San San Tropez. San San. Port Antonio. From $250 (3 nights)
San San Tropez bad review"What a shame this establishment has been allowed to get run down"
San San Tropez good review"Basic Basic accommodation, however a good location."
Frenchman’s Cove Resort
Frenchman’s Cove Resort star ratingsFrenchman’s Cove Resort star ratings
Frenchman’s Cove Resort. Port Antonio. from $113. 129 reviews
Frenchman’s Cove Resort bad review"Very dated and in pretty bad shape."
Frenchman’s Cove Resort good review"One of the island's most beautiful locations... Rooms need to be updated"
DeMontevin Lodge Hotel
DeMontevin Lodge Hotel star ratingsDeMontevin Lodge Hotel star ratings
DeMontevin Lodge Hotel Fort George St, Port Antonio. 26 reviews
DeMontevin Lodge Hotel bad reviewQuaint with a lovely view, but very rundown
DeMontevin Lodge Hotel good reviewA Comfortable Hotel For History Buffs
Shotover Gardens
Shotover Gardens Estate star ratingsShotover Gardens Estate star ratings
Shotover Gardens Estate. Port Antonio. from $30 to $150
Shotover Gardens Estate bad reviewNo reviews
Shotover Gardens Estate good reviewNo reviews
 La Familia accommodation
 La Familia Backpackers star ratings
La Familia. Long Bay, Portland. Backpackers guest house near beach.
 La Familia  bad review"Really close 2 the beach, but thats the only positive thing about it!"
 La Familia  good review“Good price! A lot of bugs and insects"
Sea Cliff Resort Villa
Sea Cliff Resort Villa star ratingsSea Cliff Resort Villa star ratingsSea Cliff Resort Villa star ratings NOT YET REVIEWED
Sea Cliff Resort Villa. Ross Craig, Long Bay. from $165 to $330. 80 reviews.
Sea Cliff Resort Villa bad review
Sea Cliff Resort Villa good review
Tropical Lagoon Resort Hotel Port Antonio
Tropical Lagoon Resort star ratings NOT YET RATED
Tropical Lagoon Resort. San San, Fairy Hill, Port Antonio from $150 to $500. 100+ reviews
Tropical Lagoon Resort bad review
Tropical Lagoon Resort good review
High Mansion Castle
High Mansion Castle star ratings NOT YET REVIEWED
High Mansion Castle. Priestmans River. Port Antonio from $65
High Mansion Castle bad reviewNo reviews
High Mansion Castle good reviewNo reviews
Paradise Inn
Paradise Inn star ratings NOT YET RATED
Paradise Inn. Snow Hill. Port Antonio. from $60. 10 reviews
Paradise Inn bad review
Paradise Inn good review
Match Resort
Match Resort star ratings NOT YET RATED
Match Resort. Dolphin Bay. Port Antonio.100+ reviews
Match Resort bad review
Match Resort good review
Kanopi House
Kanopi House star ratings NOT YET RATED
Kanopi House. Blue Lagoon, San San. from $300 night (2 persons). 20 reviews
Kanopi House bad review
Kanopi House good review
El Cielo Spa Hotel
El Cielo Spa Hotel star ratings NOT YET RATED
El Cielo Spa Hotel
El Cielo Spa Hotel bad review
El Cielo Spa Hotel good review
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