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Blue Hole Westmoreland & OchoRios Jamaica

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Blue Hole is the name of two places in Jamaica, one situated in the Westmoreland parish (Negril) and the second in Ocho Rios known as (Irie Blue Hole). One place is commercialized and the other is 100% mother nature.

Blue Hole - Westmoreland (Negril) Jamaica

The hole and cave in Westmoreland is situated within walking distance of the beach. Blue hole itself is located on a small villa resort with access to the bar and a mineral water swimming pool as well. A lounge room and two washrooms are also onsite. It is open every single day from 9 AM until dark.
Why not enjoy scraping the natural soft mineral mud off the walls in the cavern. Then jump down around 25 ft into a large underground carvern with sparkling clear mineral water.
The cave walls are made of karst limestone which acts as a filter to an abundant supply of minerals. The mud itself can be rubbed onto your skin for a rich exfoliation and feed, then washed off in the mineral rich pool.
It is located about 30 minutes from Negril and a taxi there and back is quite cheap.

Irie Blue Hole Ocho Rios (Secret Falls)

The Irie Blue Hole as its local 'secret falls' name implies, is secluded and a relatively untouched falls located in the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It is also refereed to as the "Secret Falls, has magnificent underground caverns where you can cliff dive or jump and wade in the therapeutic cascading waterfalls which plunges up to 20ft in places.
Its best feature is probably that it is not commercialized in any way. Everyone who visits Irie Blue Hole raves about its beauty and serenity. Hidden up in the mountains above the busy holiday town of Ocho Rios. Spending time there really is a breath of fresh and new air. It's not an official Jamaican Tourist Board attraction, but this is key to what makes it so special. With no vendors to bother you, no queues to go through, and all at a reasonable price, youre left to enjoy the simple magic of the waterfall and the cool swimming pools with plenty of privacy. View Irie Photo Gallery
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