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National Heroes Park Jamaica

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National Heroes Park located in Kingston, Jamaica is a botanical garden with the largest open space in Kingston extending to 20 hectares in size in the city centre. National heroes park has numerous monuments, and is the burial site of many of Jamaica's National Heroes, cultural leaders and prime ministers. For over a 100 years, it was a horse racing center in Jamaica. Also for other sporting activities like cricket and cycle racing, with the occasional traveling circus.
In 1953 horse racing was transferred to Knutsford Park and renamed the George VI Memorial Park in honour of the late King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II. A War Memorial honouring those who died in the First World War was erected there and each year, on the first Sunday in November, veterans gather around the Cenotaph to honour those who died in World Wars I & II.
It was officially renamed the National Heroes Park in 1973 and now a place for honouring our heroes whose monuments are in an area known as the Shrine with another section to the north for prime ministers and other local patriots. The National Heroes Circle is dedicated to Jamaica's seven national heroes. Sir Alexander Bustamante, Norman Manley and Marcus Garvey are all buried here, along with symbolic memorials to Nanny, Sam Sharpe, and Paul Bogle and George William Gordon of the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion. Other celebrated Jamaicans buried here include Michael Manley, Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown, and Miss Lou and the revered Patois poet Louise Bennett.
This year, a $2.5 billion re-development project for the Heroes Park was approved to be divided into five distinct zones, which will include the Shrine for the Heroes, the passive-contemplative zone, the active zone, the service zone, and the zone reserved for parliament Building. Making a defined space which would house national elements of the country's history, and a recreational space for the people of Jamaica and visitors alike. If you travel to Kingston, this is one place in addition to the Bob Marley museum you must visit.View the photo gallery
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