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Magical Morocco- guide to holidays
Morocco holidays
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Morocco: A country full of marvel, contrasting architecture and people. Travel through Medina's, endless dunes and warm beaches, step back in time with awesome architecture and mingle with a colourful and vibrant culture. A holiday in Morocco is an adventure with lasting memories. Below are some of Morocco's best locations to visit and an overview guide.

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Some of what you will see in Morocco.

Morocco is full of eastern promise with a wide cultural structure. While most tourists arrive at Mohammed V International Airport Casablanca, final destinations are normally much further away to the holiday hot spots like Fez, Agadir or Marrakech. The people are very friendly though expect to be propositioned by the street hustlers to buy this or that or visit a shop . Also watch out for the taxis from the airport, they inflate prices up to six times for tourists, so be prepared to barter. Anything over 150 dirhams is a rip off.
Though most tourists only pass through Casablanca or just stay overnight, for the city explorer Casablanca is possibly the most cosmopolitan city in Morocco with a very Westernised feeling. The Hassan II mosque is a dominating feature of the city and the second largest mosque in the world, amazingly constructed out over the sea.
Unlike the exotic places like Marrakech, Agadir or Fez, Casablanca is crammed with local shops and markets maze of alleyways and streets with much to discover. There's a great beach along the more affluent part of Casablanca. Many assume Casablanca is the capital of Morocco but while its the biggest city, Rabat is the capital and financial hub of Morocco.

Marrakech is where the King of Morocco goes for holidays, so you will find it stepped in history and royal splendour. Some of the beautifully restored and maintained mosque's, museums, monuments, schools and other buildings date back to the 16th century and many are open to tourists. Visiting the Main Square in Marrakech is not for anyone of a nervous disposition, its absolutely crazy. Packed with vendors selling anything and everything, you will be surrounded by offers and taking photos with monkeys, snakes, parrots or anything else. But the food sellers, wow what a selection and so many cafes and restaurants. But the main attraction and even more hectic place most tourists visit is the old town medina with its labyrinth of streets and ally's. There's so many things to see or buy amongst the kaleidoscope of sounds and colours. But don't get lost amongst the maze of shops and stalls and be prepared to barter and haggle as most first prices they say can be cut in half or even a quarter!
Apart from desert trips to luxury tents, hot air ballooning to see the Atlas Mountains or just enjoying the hotel and pools luxury, you can always hire a car and explore as there's no shortage of places to stay overnight in the city or the desert. If the heights of winding mountain roads full of switchbacks doesn't make you dizzy, there's wonderful mountain scenery on the Tizi-n'Test Pass.
South of Marrakech is the popular National Park home to North Africa's highest mountain. Ideal for trekker's with fabulous scenery and local villages. As for accommodation in Marrakech, there's many choices from guesthouses to luxury hotels with rooftop pools.

Agadir: Morocco's most popular resort with beautiful white sand beaches. While most tourists come for the beach and marina, there's much more to do like excursions to fishing villages or boat trips. There's also some museums in the town centre. A short trip east to Drarga, there's the Nile Crocodile park with extensive floral gardens. A little further down the coast is Taghazout, a small laid back village with beautiful golden beaches and a main surfing area for tourists and locals. Many other great places to visit are close to Agadir including a three hundred square miles of national park with some of the worlds most varied birds including flamingos, cormorants, herons and scores more.
With the luxurious beach hotels, golden sands and centrally placed to drive out to so many great places, its understandable why Agadir has become a major destination for tourists.

Tangier is a vibrant hustling multicultural city in the north of Morocco and a major port with ferries to many parts of Europe like Spain, France, Italy and Gibraltar. Parts of the city like the 'Old Town' are full of begging children and those wanting to be your guide, so its best to have a professional Moroccan guide with you otherwise you will be pestered. Without doubt with so many ancient influences and rich history, Tangiers is fascinating and full of artistic inspiration. Its charming medina's and streets are full of colour and perfumes of all types. The main beach of Tangier is long and sandy and a much loved swimming and sunbathing beach by the locals. Though you can avoid the crowds a few miles down the coast to Plage de Sidi Kacem with its relaxed bistros, sun lounges and umbrellas. For remoteness, there's some caves with an almost deserted beach.

Economy of Morocco:
Morocco is a country located in North Africa and it has a population of over 33 million people. The economy of Morocco is largely based on agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. The country has been successful in diversifying its economy and has achieved impressive economic growth over the past decade.

Agriculture is one of the main pillars of the Moroccan economy, accounting for 17% of the country’s GDP. Morocco is one of the largest producers of olives and citrus fruits in the world. It also has a significant fishing industry and is one of the top suppliers of sardines. The country has also been successful in developing its tourism industry and the number of tourists visiting the country each year has been steadily increasing.

The manufacturing sector is another major contributor to the Moroccan economy. The country is home to several large multinational companies that have invested heavily in the country’s manufacturing sector. Morocco is also home to several free trade zones that have attracted foreign investors.

The Moroccan government has been successful in diversifying its economy and developing new industries. It has implemented a number of policies to encourage foreign investment and promote economic growth. The government has also put in place policies to improve the country’s infrastructure and develop its human capital.

Morocco has a strong currency and its economy has been growing steadily in recent years. The country is seen as a regional leader and it has been successful in attracting foreign investment. The government has implemented a number of reforms in recent years to improve the country’s business environment and promote economic growth.

Overall, Morocco has been successful in diversifying its economy and achieving impressive economic growth over the past decade. The country has a strong currency and its economy has been growing steadily in recent years. The government has implemented a number of reforms in recent years to improve the country’s business environment and promote economic growth.

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