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Exclusive Glistening Blue Waters Jamaica

The Glistening Luminous Lagoon is one of four known exclusive places in the world that has this magical glowing water. Located in Falmouth (Trelawny). The water is filled with phosphorous coming through the exclusive underground streams meeting the salty Jamaican sea which makes it illuminate so radiantly when it's disturbed. This lagoon is known as the brightest one in the world because of the consistent climate. This exclusive Luminous Lagoon spreads along the marshlands of Trelawney from the miniature distinction of Rock to the city of Falmouth. In the 18th century when sugar was imperative, Falmouth was exclusively home to one of Jamaica's most vital travel ports. Located at a well renowned spot where the Martha Brae River and the Caribbean Sea meet. The lagoon contained a wharf for large vessels travelling from England to unload goods onto smaller vessel to be dispatched further inland and upstream. Once they reached Falmouth the ship would be restock with rum, sugar and other Jamaican exports. Many years after the downturn of the sugar trade, scientists discovered that the lagoon's geographical region was very significant for another reason. It was simply the most exclusive area to observe, study and examine this phosphorescence or 'bio-luminescence phenomenon' which is caused by microorganisms called dinoflagellates, which flourish in between the layers of the salty sea and rich phosphorous fresh water merging together and glow most radiantly in shallow, warm water. Glistening water to see and exclusively enjoy in Jamaica.
The water is not very deep, only around 3-4 feet, or more as you travel further out. In depth, it's relatively shallow for the area it covers. Once the boat is far enough you will get the choice of taking a swim in the lagoon during the boat tour which we strongly encourage to do so. The boat ride is about half hour and life jackets are available for those in need of them.
On the edge of the Luminous Lagoon resides Glistening Waters restaurant that overlooks the lagoon. The exclusive restaurant specializes in seafood but has a various number of other dishes as well. Glistening Waters restaurant also launches boat trips to the Glistening Waters, the other advantage is having dinner gets you a generous discount on the price of the trip. View the Glistening Waters Photo Gallery
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