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Where an Exclusive Travel team member has not visited and surveyed a listed establishment or accommodation the resulting comments, content and reviews on our website are a result of collated freely available information across the internet, media and independent real guest reviews.

The concept for this service started many years ago when I was booking a holiday at a resort. Not wanting to make the same mistake as before and like many others of ending up somewhere that was not quite what was expected. After about an hour of trawling through TripAdvisor, Hotels and Booking. Com, LastMinute .Com etc, My brain was like a an overflowing toy shop. I was a lot more confused and uncertain than when I started. Short of using a pen, several sheets of paper and many cups of tea, there was no way I would be able to make an informed and logical decision.

The result of finding a solution through this jungle, led to the development our own in-house AI software for a slightly different commercial purpose than to advise the public. It was designed to highlight areas an establishment was excelling or failing in so they could then address those issues and improve their customer satisfaction. The hotel industry is very competitive so being aware of emerging trends amongst existing or future guests is vital to any hotel who wishes to maintain position or expand. The tourism consultancy division of Excluss has now fine tuned the AI system for the opposite use, to give tourists a better insight into what to really expect from the place they visit or stay.

The pilot trials were well tested across our network in Kenya over several years with great success and we commenced in Jamaica last year with the new Exclusive Travel website. While our parent company Excluss consults with related businesses and governments globally on tourism matters, here in sunny Jamaica our only remit is to promote Jamaica tourism and business while giving our visitors the low down on everything and providing the opportunity to make the right choice for the right reasons at the right price. Which well lead to greater positivism amongst guests visiting and staying in Jamaica.

We show no favoritism to the industry, big or small. In fact many establishments we do not include in our listings due to them not meeting the bare necessities of requirements for the type of accommodation offered. Obviously, that does mean a certain amount of discord amongst the establishments that do not make the grade or have to many featured negative reviews. Even though we still include some as despite negative reviews about one aspect there can be outweighing positive factors. Like maybe the rooms were sub standard or basic but the location and view!!!!!

All content on our site is freely available to anyone with sufficient time to collect and analyze it all. Our AI software merely aggregates all the data, explores it with algorithms and produces an accurate, unbiased and untainted report. Our editors then format that into easy layman's language content for the benefit of all visitors. We do not cast ungrounded comments or make ungrounded submissions, we merely collate what is available and re-present it in a clear and unbiased concise way.

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