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The best luxury holiday resorts in Portugal: Whether its the famous Algarve, tropical Madeira or elsewhere in Portugal, its without doubt the best country in Europe for holidays that are somewhat more up-market. There's no shortage of splendid holiday resort hotels with a touch of affordable luxury and class. Friendly people, fabulous cuisine and perfect climate for romantic couples, golfers or action adventure families. Click below to see ones we have listed the best of the best Portuguese holiday resorts. Most are 5 star and some 4 star that we considered worthy.
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With its endless beaches, 350 days of sunshine and all year lovely temperature, its no wonder Portugal is a holiday haven.
Along the western coastline from the Algarve in the south to Porto in the north there are countless sandy bays and small seaside towns and much of the coast has endless miles of sandy beaches - approx 850 kilometres of beaches!
You will find many exclusive communities and small private resorts along this coast with possibly Cascais near Lisbon being the most notable. There's a good motorway road all the way along the Algarve, up to Lisboa and to Porto and high speed rail between these three major cities. Portugal is also a renowned golfers paradise with several championship courses.

Apart from the beautiful countryside, glistening beaches, wonderful climate, delicious cuisine and fabulous wines, its the welcoming and friendly Portuguese themselves that add that final ingredient to the perfect holiday destination. In comparing being a tourist in Spain or Portugal, I would simply say that while in Spain your just another tourist number, in Portugal you are an individual and a person.

Accommodation covers just about every desire you may have. Apartments, Villas, exclusive resorts and holiday hotel complexes. You could be in a beautiful apartment or villa with stunning views and a stones throw from a sandy beach. Or an all inclusive holiday resort. In the middle of vibrant nightlife or in peace surrounded by nature. A great family holiday or a romantic hide away.
There is literally a place for everyone young or retired.

Its very easy to rent a car and go exploring the coast and hills. Stop at a friendly restaurant in a small village and sample some truly amazing food or find a secluded bay and laze in the sun and warm waters. There's so much to see and experience.
Check out our Algarve and Madeira pages for local information and luxury resort accommodation.

Economy of Portugal:
Portugal is a country located in southwestern Europe, with a population of approximately 10 million people. It is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, and has a highly developed economy. Portugal has a long history of trading and commerce, and has been a major player in the European economy for centuries.

The Portuguese economy is a mixed economy, with a strong private sector and a large public sector. The country has a diversified industrial base, with some of its key industries including textiles, footwear, chemicals, cement, paper, food, automobiles, and electronics. Portugal also has a strong agricultural sector, which is responsible for about 40% of the country’s GDP.

Portugal is a major exporter of goods, with exports accounting for about 40% of the country’s GDP. The country exports a variety of products, including machinery and equipment, textiles, wines, and canned fish. Portugal’s main trading partners are the European Union and the United States.

The Portuguese government has implemented a number of economic reforms in order to make the country more competitive in the global economy. These reforms have included liberalization of foreign investment and relaxations of labor laws. As a result, Portugal has seen an increase in foreign direct investment and has become a more attractive destination for business.

The Portuguese economy is relatively resilient to global economic downturns, due to its diversified economy and its strong exports. However, the country is still vulnerable to the global financial crisis, and the government has implemented a number of fiscal measures in order to stimulate the economy. These measures include tax cuts and increased spending on infrastructure and education.

Despite the challenges of the global economy, the Portuguese economy is still growing, with GDP increasing by 1.7% in 2020. The government is also working to reduce unemployment, which currently stands at 7.9%. In addition, the country is benefiting from increased tourism, with a record number of tourists visiting the country in 2020.

Overall, the Portuguese economy has been relatively stable in recent years, and the government is working to make the country more competitive in the global economy. With continued investment in infrastructure and education, the country is well-positioned to continue to grow and develop.

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