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UK Holiday and Flights take off after Government announcement.

After the UK Government announced the relaxation of travel rules which come into effect over several transition stages with each lasting 5 weeks, holiday companies were deluged with phone calls and bookings as people clamoured to grab a long awaited holidays for later in the year. However, there is caution......
The plan that most of us can jet off into the sun by July and possibly start in April to some countries, relies completely upon each 5 week period performing correctly and not needing to be extended, as was warned could happen very clearly by the Prime minister. Should CoronaVirus cases start increasing again, which is quite possible with the return to schools in March, the 5 week plan may get greatly increased or a additional 5 weeks inserted. With that in mind it is absolutely VITAL that everyone booking a holiday or flight abroad must ensure they have adequate travel insurance. This must cover not only Covid related cancellations but insure your health against any virus related illness while abroad, even if you have been vaccinated as Corona Viruses are constantly evolving and changing into new variants. Most insurance companies will not cover Covid related cancellations but some travel and air companies are offering there own cancellation guaranties. The UK Government is also expected to create a fund similar to that of Europe where travel agencies will be able to issue refunds paid for by the government in the event Covid related cancellations.
This also relies upon whether a vaccination passport will be required, and if so, will everyone traveling have had the opportunity of receiving a vaccine?

The news has been a massive wave of fresh air to the travel industry devastated for over a year with many teetering on the edge of closure. Many of the popular places in the UK are already booked up until September/October. Country holiday cottages being the most popular. While abroad, the ever popular sun soaked family beach resorts are filling up with advanced bookings.

Should any of the phases of the Governments plan be held up in any way, it would be catastrophic and could spell the final nail for international travel companies and others within the hospitality industry. We doubt that many of them could withstand another closure and inevitable refunds. Though the UK may well be spared from such economic blow and in fact, even gain as more decide not to risk it and holiday at home this year.

The government's Global Travel Taskforce will do a report by 12th April 2021 with recommendations how international trips can safely resume. This does not necessarily imply that international travel will commence by then, as they are recommendations only and it will be up to the governments final decision as to when travel can commence and where to and expected to be in May or June at the earliest.

A survey across European countries in January 2021 including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, produced results showing the top nine favoured holiday destinations despite the pandemic:-
Spain 10.2%
Italy 7.8%
France 6.5%
Greece 6.1%
Germany 5.2%
Portugal 4.5%
UK 4.3%
Turkey 3.6%
Croatia 3.1%

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