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Portugal is removed from the UK governments safe to travel to 'green' list. [3rd June 2021]

Once more confused for direction Boris has done yet another U turn and left the UK and Portugal's tourist industry and would be travelers in dire problems. On the 3rd May 2021 Boris announced this devastation news for all those who already left the UK on holiday in Portugal and total confusion for the thousands who have or intending to book their long awaited holiday. This has basically closed down the UK travel industry for everyone hoping to jet off for a holiday this year.

Only a couple weeks ago, he announced it was safe and 'all clear' to jet away to Portugal and thousands of bookings were made and many families jetted off in the false comfort that Boris was right. For those that are already on holiday in Portugal, it means ten days quarantine and tests upon their return.

UK travel agencies and airway companies already financially weighed under by the lock downs are now reeling from the news. Ryan Air, Jet2Easy Jet and others are now facing a total lose for the holiday season this year. Maintaining aircraft is a very expensive daily cost and without doubt, some will fail and face bankruptcy.

The only positive from all this stupidity and mayhem caused by government is that bookings for accommodation and holidays in the UK have gone berserk with many popular places already booked up until next year. Which is great news for our local hospitality industry which has been in more or less lock down for nearly two years.

But people are starting to ask is 'If I've had the vaccination that's meant to be so good, then why am I still having to wear a mask, social distance and not travel anywhere?' Unfortunately, that's an answer that is not forthcoming and it looks like we could be heading for even more local lock downs, more jabs in the arm and certainly no foreign travel this year. Travel companies were hoping for a great tourist season as the UK has one of the highest vaccination rates. But NO.
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