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Travel, Covid and Vaccinations - Myths and Facts [4th October 2021]
What you need to know about staying safe when you travel.

Covid19 exposed - Myths and Facts.
There has been much confusion not only in our travel and hospitality sector, but just about every business and most of the population. As a scientist involved with corona viruses since catching the last H1N1 around 2003 and having written many papers on the subject, I am increasing asked by people from all walks for my opinions.
To start with I say "If an expert weather man is telling you its a lovely sunny dry day and you look outside at the gloomy skies and pouring rain - Who are you going to believe? The weather man or your own eyes?"

The media, government and internet has been awash with conflicting statements, U turns and false claims from so called experts. It has obviously been a conspiracy theory persons field day with some absolutely absurd claims and videos circulating like people sticking magnets or other metal objects to themselves after the jab, or apparent amazing ability to light a bulb after the jab.
Absolute rubbish!! As for example any flattish metal object or tiny magnet can be made to stick to ones skin, its called cohesion. A moist or oily skin will enable adherence for a short period and as for the light bulb? You can buy these party trick bulbs on ebay for ?5!

These type of claims only create more confusion amongst the public and worse, it leads to people not believing the real facts mixed into all the debunked conspiracy claims. It effectively has anyone believing that anything against what they hear on the main news or by the big Pharma's is made up by cranky conspiracy theorists. But nothing could be farther from the truth as has been proved time and time again over the centuries. Over history some 80% of everything branded impossible science fiction or conspiracy's over the years has actually found to later be true either in whole or partially. The problem is that most people who become confused about a subject eventually tend to turn off one version and turn on the other. So they will only see and believe in one side of the coin which obviously means leading their lives as either a compliant and indoctrinated individual fully believing what big brother tells them to do, or branded a more radical conspiracy believing individual.
That is very unfortunate as both types are missing out on a more logical, less confused and healthier life. But there is a middle and more balanced path which is made so much easier by the internet - impartial research! Don't just take one so called experts word, because you have no knowledge of who is funding them and unfortunately its normally those that stand most to gain financially that are providing the funding. Independently financed and impartial research is hard to achieve in a world where everything has a price.
So unfortunately much what is preached has an ulterior profit making motive behind it and as we know from the past and present, profit comes before care of society despite the blurb produced by the corporate money machine to convince you otherwise.

The truth as we know is that many corporate's have been found guilty over the years of grossly misleading the public with sometimes disastrous health damage and death to innocent people. For which they were simply fined a few $billion and moved onto something else that makes them billions more with no regard whatsoever for the past suffering inflicted. These are known facts to many, so its hardly surprising that when a big pharma says something is completely safe, there is a certain amount of doubt amongst many. Especially amongst those from countries that have been on the thick end of experimentation by government and corporate pharmas that went wrong.
I distinctly remember how the deadly DDT was promoted by the media, pharmaceuticals and government as a completely harmless to humans bug killer and back in the 50's everyone went round their garden spraying it over everything and breathing it in, while the farmers used tons of the stuff over their crops. My dad who also was a well educated scientist, was ridiculed by some for saying the truth about its health dangers. Years later DDT is banned and corporate's had to pay off millions in fines for their crimes against humanity. I've witness countless other similar scenarios with later banned as dangerous chemicals and vaccines after discovering the health damage and fatalities caused in the pursuit of profit.

This is where the present division exists amongst those that completely believe the Pharmas about the Covid 'jab' and those that don't. So who can you believe? Well, if you only listen to one side of the coin, your possibly misinformed and believing the wrong one.

So what is this magic covid jab?
In a nutshell, its not technically a vaccine as we understand it, hence why commonly called a 'jab'. A vaccine gives you a tiny dose of some virus to enable your immune system to identify and kill the real virus in the future. The Covid jab is a totally different technology and more of a 'gene editing therapy'.
Based upon what's known as 'CRISPR', it involves impregnating the body with an 'RNA' sequence that can cut your body cells DNA and insert itself into the DNA. CRISPR has been limited to plant and non food animal testing only for the past two decades as short and longer term effects are in doubt with many failures and fatalities. So no large scale human testing has ever been allowed, until now. In fact the present jab is often referred as the biggest human test trials of all time.
Most of those refusing the jab at present are possibly just waiting and giving it a couple of years to see how effective it is and more importantly, longer term side effects. Unfortunately the latest information coming from the most vaccinated countries is that the jab could be creating more problems than its curing. The centuries old problem is that 'corona viruses' of which the common cold is one, can never have a cure. Simply because this particular type of virus can mutate extremely quickly. Even having a yearly jab cant stop it, as it will only be partially effective until after a few weeks the virus mutates.
Its becoming a very obvious fact, that in places where most people have had the Covid jabs, new cases and hospitalisation are soaring back to pandemic level again. There are presently studies underway that indicate a covid jabbed individual then spreads the virus and its mutations to everyone else as a super spreader. This is something referred to in science as 'shedding'. So you can understand the concern amongst both the jabbed and the un jabbed. If this Covid jab cant stop you catching the virus or spreading new variants of it to others, jabbed or not, then one has to ask the question 'what's the point'? And instead, as what was proposed in the early days, let the virus do its thing until everyone has been in contact and our bodies own natural (and much more powerful than any pharma) immune system identify's it and makes its own antibodies, often referred to as herd immunity. Rather than use some untested and radically different injection that could quite possibly make long term matters much worse.

Obviously this is causing great concern within the travel industry who, like we were all lead to believe, thought the Covid jab would solve everything and open up the world to tourism again. Instead we are left with even more confusion and increased doubts as to if there is any preventive cure for this particular corona virus. Which of course there is not or ever has been anything effective against the common cold or any similar corona virus except isolation from infected people and we simply cannot live in a world of total lock down.
Wearing a mask may protect you against someone at close quarters talking loudly, coughing or sneezing at you but offers no protection whatsoever against the millions of tiny airborne virus particles that are ten times smaller than a smoke particle and will pass straight through a mask.
But just like preventing a cold, you can take precautionary measures such as - good sleeping habits, healthy intake of food, keeping fit, supplements of multi vitamins and minerals as these will keep you body's immune system in top condition and prevent the Covid virus taking control. In fact most people who catch Covid are completely unaware or just feel a bit run down for the day while others commonly have mild flu symptoms. Despite the fear some media implant, Covid has a 99.9% recovery rate. Unfortunately those within the 0.1% normally have an underlying health issue and like any illness or flu, can prove fatal.

In conclusion I would only say - do your research and don't believe everything the so called 'experts' put out as many have ulterior financial motives. But neither believe the cranky conspiracies by those with no qualifications that abound on the internet. Use common sense, past events and real facts you have researched and verified. Look at both sides of the coin and make an informed decision.
Despite the fear mongering by governments and media, the facts remain that an estimated 4.55 million globally have died from various Corona Virus's in the past two years. While deaths from non Covid related heart problems are over 26 million and another 28 million from other illnesses over the same period.
Therefore putting death from Covid low on the scale of global diseases at less than 0.01%.

As for traveling to other countries, again use common sense. Whether jabbed or not, avoid packed places with little ventilation, make sure that vitamin and mineral supplements are taken daily, eat and sleep sensibly and let your own body's very powerful immune system take care of you.
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