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Caribbean going to Red, Warnings about cruises, Covid rules changing. More mayhem for travelers [23rd August 2021]

Will Covid affect your holiday plans?
This weeks the status of many countries presently on the UK's green, amber and red list will change leading to more confusion for those planning a holiday abroad and for those already on holiday.

Many UK residents are either on holiday or booked to travel to Croatia and Madeira and both these countries look like being removed from the 'Green' list and moved to Amber. Many other countries considered safe at present will also be allocated different colour grades. Some Caribbean islands such as Anguilla, Antigua and the Turks and Caicos Islands could also be moved to amber this week.

To further confuse matters, different countries have constantly changing rules with respect to vaccinated, unvaccinated, lateral flow test, PCR tests, only reorganised tests, Covid passports and quarantining. So please do carefully check everything for the country your thinking of visiting and how you may be affected upon return. Even here in the UK, Covid testing and quarantine rules have been changed over 50 times for travelers.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Saudi Arabia could possibly make it to the Green list while Jamaica, St Lucia, Dominica and Morocco look like being added to the 'Red' list. Meanwhile we expect Spain to remain on the 'Amber' list.

Though remember, just because a country is designated safe to travel too by the Government, it doesn't mean its okay to hop on a jet and zoom off as only a few countries will actually allow British holiday makers in. And for many already on holiday, there is a rush to return back to the UK before the government changes the rules yet again.

The sooner we accept that this Covid just like all the other corona viruses is here to stay jabs or not, and we get on with a less confusing life the better. People are weary of the lock downs, confusion and fear mongering over the past two years.