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We are not out of the woods yet.

Here is an important announcement from one of our partners On the Beach. 10th July 2021

A quick update following the recent announcement that people will no longer be required to quarantine when returning to the UK from amber destinations, as long as they have had been double vaccinated. This change will come into effect from 19th July.

Whilst any reduction in lockdown restrictions is positive news, we still believe that we need to be a little cautious before rushing headlong into booking new holidays departing in the next couple of months. Any holiday plans also need to take into account any restrictions in the holiday destination you are travelling to.

With that in mind, we�re not going to put July and August holidays back on sale just yet, as we�d like to monitor the response from other countries first.

We know that there are concerns from some European governments on the rising levels of Covid infections in the UK. Portugal, for example, requires Britons who are not fully vaccinated to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. There is also some uncertainty as to whether Britons who have received certain batch numbers of the vaccine will be included in the EU vaccine passport scheme.

We are desperately keen to get you on holiday again, but only when we can be a little more certain that your holiday will go ahead without disruption, cancellation or unexpected costs.

We appreciate your continued support, and promise that we are doing what we believe to be the right thing for our customers. Thank you for bearing with us, and here�s to our next beach holiday � I for one cannot wait to feel the sand between my toes, hear the sea waves lapping on the beach and enjoy a beer (or two) on a sunny balcony!

Of course, it�s not too soon to start planning for next summer. Check out some of our most popular holidays here.
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Don't forget
Take disinfectant wipes on the flight to clean off your tray table before and after use, and never eat directly off the surface. Also use on handles and arm rests.
If you use hand sanitizer, after treating your hands, wipe off any surplice by taking your mask between both hands and rub. Only takes seconds but will kill off those nastie's harbouring in the material that you are constantly breathing through and re-inhaling.