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Explore Cornwall - England's Riviera. A visitors guide.

What you need to know and where to go in Cornwall. A county full of inspiring peculiarities and customs set in some of the UK's most beautiful rolling countryside. Friendly easy going people and some of the best and most luxurious accommodation from lovely cottages to country manor houses.
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Hundreds of holiday properties in Cornwall - Cottages, Farm Houses, Apartments, Mansions, Lighthouses or even a castle or two.
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About Cornwall.
The most typical query I hear from prospective visitors to either Devon or Cornwall is "which is best Cornwall or Devon".
The short answer is beaches and weather conditions between the two.
Lots of people would say Devon is the 'English Riviera', Cornwall's coastline has countless miles of stunning sun drenched sandy beaches. And 'sun-drenched' for good reason. Due to the exceptional distinction in weather in between the two counties. The majority of the UK's rain heavy clouds sweep in from the Atlantic which drop their rain as they hit the higher Devon land. So you will frequently find that while its pouring down or very cloudy in the much wetter Devon, Cornwall is basking in sun. You get the same effect in many places like the Pennines, while Manchester will bucketing it down, Hull is a sunny day.
While Devon is a beautiful nation of unlimited greenery and history, Cornwall has the very same undulating countryside but far better weather and beaches for a sunbathing or a bucket and spade vacation.
Cornwall's dramatic shoreline, sandy coves and inlets are set amidst rugged landscapes. The south side coast is mild with meandering estuaries and miles of sand while the north is wilder and bears the full force of south westerly waves and very popular with surfers. Whether you seek activity and sand, or just a location to lie back and take pleasure in the view, Cornwall has everything.
For Cycle enthusiasts the National Cycle Network paths throughout Cornwall embracing the foothills of Dartmoor.

There are no scarcity of accommodation from remote Shepard houses, deluxe apartments or remote cottages to classy hotels and all in between. There are seaside parks, self catering homes with fantastic views, quaint homes, farm homes, wood chalets and camping. You can even escape the rat race to delight in the distinct peace and harmony on Bodmin Moor in an elegant, sustainable Geopod. For finest value for money and experience though, it has to be one of the many family guest houses with local produce cooked food.

Eden Project.
Some have called the Eden Project as the Eighth Marvel of the World, Eden is a remarkable global garden housed in tropical biomes that nestle in a crater the size of 30 football pitches. A mind blowing visitor attraction where you can experience the sights, smells and scale of the rain forests in the Jungle Biome, the world's largest greenhouse and discover tropical plants. Travel to South Africa and California, as you roam among the orange and lemon trees, olive groves and gnarled vines of the Mediterranean Biome, and in the many acre's of outside garden see hemp, sunflowers and other exotic plants growing under the Cornish sun.

Cornwall has numerous strong local unique customs, customs and peculiarities. There is even the Cornish Celtic language closely related to Breton and a little less so to Welsh. Cornish celebrations are a riot of tradition, culture, music, dancing, food and beverage, making them a few of the most vibrant occasions in Britain. And naturally, a long history of being synonymous with piracy and the exploits of many of the most famous pirates in history, consisting of Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir John Hawkins and Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. So there are lots of old smugglers coves to go to and explore.

According to information released by the Official for National Statistics, Cornwall is in the second position of being the most safe place in England to live.
Though the economy of Cornwall is among the poorest in the UK and supported primarily by agriculture and tourists. The tourism in 2020 has suffered a huge blow due to Covid infection concerns and many smaller sized places that rely on tourism are closed, potentially for good.

While many tourists think Penzance is a place to visit, please remember it's a working town but worth a visit just for the shopping malls. Penzance has a high population, high joblessness and numerous empty shops, so it not exactly a location to stay. However, it is a fascinating old town with good gardens, art gallery, attractive back streets, not forgetting wonderful seaside views. So if this city life appeals, you will discover much satisfaction from the quaint streets and old world pubs.

Land's End.
Land's End (meaning Place of Sun) is a famous Cornish location that has motivated individuals way back to ancient Greek times. In those ancient times it was described as Belerion (Location of Sun).
Land's End is among Britain's best loved landmarks, popular for its unique location and fantastic scenery. You will find cliff top trails, spectacular views, family tourist attractions, going shopping towns, restaurant and cafes.
You can go storm watching at Longships Lighthouse, admire breath taking views from the Last Point or having a 'selfie' at the world famous signpost. For centuries Land's End has been a location of genuine discovery for millions of visitors.
Please do keep in mind. If planning to visit Land's End by car, you must book beforehand. This is partially due to very limited space though more recently due to Covid and restriction of visitors.

Scilly Island's.
The Scilly Isles are an archipelago 25 miles off the southwestern pointer of Cornwall. Delight in an exotic island escape just off the Cornish coast that may seem like another world. The Isles of Scilly are a haven for explorers or outside enthusiasts. St Mary's is every visitors initially stop. It's where all planes and the mainland boats arrive. With beaches, shopping, countryside paths and seaside trails with manageable slopes and minimum roadway traffic, St Mary's is an excellent location to explore. While on St. Martin's there is adequate choice of safe sheltered beaches all around the island. You'll find white sandy bays and coves that gently melt into crystal clear water. The only tough decision to be made when in St. Martin's is deciding which beach you'll visit, it's an alluring choice.

You can sail there and delight in a leisurely sail past a few of Cornwall's most famous coastline and gaze at dolphins and basking sharks. Or if your sea legs wobble with boats, then fly there by Skybus from Penzance Harbour, Land's End, Newquay or Exeter Airports.

And last but not least, you must sample a proper Cornish Pasty. There are a huge selection of pasty stores in Cornwall to enthrall you taste buds.
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