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Air Travel is going to be bad for a long time both for the industry and passengers.

The UK�s airports, airlines and the entire travel industry are battling to survive in the face of the ongoing virtual closure for over a year. Even if we can start returning to travel internationally, its not going to be the same. Many countries are setting their own regulations for arrivals from requiring mandatory negative Covid tests prior to leaving and various isolation rules for all arrivals. Despite screams of 'discrimination' and legal challenges concerning forcing vaccinations upon people, mandatory vaccination travel passports are likely to be the normality for this years travelers. So for those hopeful travelers who for medical reasons are either mask or vaccination exempt - which even embraces those in pregnancy, your banned from the pleasure of jetting off on holiday this year or maybe longer.
The advantaged this year are going to be millions of those over 70 who have been in the initial vaccination group, though sadly wont be accompanied by younger family members as they will not have had the opportunity of vaccination. That also applies to the millions of families under 70 and later, under 60 years old who have no chance of receiving a vaccination until later in the year.
That means that the really popular with the younger tourist holiday spots are going to be pretty empty for yet another tourist season. While those catering for elder family tourists should have a great season. Great opportunity to buy shares in 'Saga' as they are certainly one holiday company that should profitably survive and grow.
Sadly, many of the resort and other hotels, tour operators and those who rely upon tourism will not survive and lock downs have devastated country's whose income relies on tourism, which will take years to repair.

General Corona Virus Matters:
Do remember that while face masks may filter larger airborne droplets from anyone around you who may be infected, they offer limited protection against the cloud of airborne micro particles. Social distancing is far more effective. Also ensure you replace masks regularly on a daily or less frequency as they become bacteria laden quickly and will be doing you a lot more harm than good.
Cautionary advice with vaccination. Like most vaccines, they do not protect from catching the virus or being contagious, there purpose is to limit or eliminate any serious effects of the virus. Corona viruses are the most common, varied and contagious including the common cold which are constantly evolving and mutating into different strains. So always consider this when traveling abroad, especially to countries that so far have escaped any serious infection and quite possibly none or limited access to vaccinations. You might feel just fine or tested negative but come into contact with the virus in transit and pass this to others on arrival. The reason why most of these popular resort countries still have closed borders.

Others things to bear in mind is that many tourists spots having been economically starved for so long, may not have all their usual diversity, attractions or services available and further, have little or no cash in the bank to improve things. Many of the staff may not have had any wages for a year or more and some external support services may have disappeared. Please appreciate this when traveling to these countries and be patient with those who are trying their absolute best in very hard circumstances to make your holiday great.


Other News :-
Don't forget
Take disinfectant wipes on the flight to clean off your tray table before and after use, and never eat directly off the surface. Also use on handles and arm rests.
If you use hand sanitizer, after treating your hands, wipe off any surplice by taking your mask between both hands and rub. Only takes seconds but will kill off those nastie's harbouring in the material that you are constantly breathing through and re-inhaling.

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