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Travel, Covid and Vaccinations - Here we go again with OMICRON (30th November 2021)

The new Omicron Covid variant is here.
Once again the travel industry is spinning into turmoil as the latest Covid variant 'Omicron' spreads globally threatening to disrupt everyone's travel plans for Christmas and beyond.
If your planning to book that winter escape to sunny shores, think twice. As we have seen before you could end up getting stranded or having to pay for self quarantine in some special hotel. Either way, there is certainly a risk of severe disruption and possible extra expenditure assuming your lucky enough to grab that holiday in the first place.

So where do we go from here? That's the question on everyone's lips and creating concern within the travel industry which has only just started to emerge from what is the most devastating financial blow for decades.
Meanwhile while bankruptcies once again becomes a risk to the hospitality sector, the pharmaceuticals company's continue to rake in $billions on the promise of even more new vaccines that are starting to look pretty useless in containing this corona virus.

Maybe its time to retreat to the remote hills and start growing our own crops. That's not so silly as it seems as another sector that has been decimated by the all this is the global transport and logistics system. Most ports are choked with container ships anchored offshore unable to offload there goods due to insufficient land transportation to clear an ever increasing bottle neck within the port. This will result in lack of supplies in supermarkets and like any time there are shortages, retail prices will escalate. Inflation is on the verge of becoming a serious problem for many consumers.

Meanwhile, guess we have to put holidays on the back burner for now and enjoy our own company for a while as no doubt lock downs will follow if this new Covid Omicron variant spreads.