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Royal Palms Reserve Jamaica
Lakes in Royal Palm reserve Jamaica
Map showing Royal Palms location
Palm tree jungle Royal Palm reserve Negril
Wooden path around Royal Palm reserve lakes
View from tower over Royal Palms boardwalks
Royal Palms Jamaica - wooden boardwalk through tropical jungle
Tourists pathway through Royal Palm reserve Jamaica
Wooden bridge path through the reserves land
Lake reflections in Royal Palm reserve Negril
Royal Palms Eco reserve Negril Jamaica
West Indian whistling ducks on Palm reserve lake
Swans flying in Royal Palm reserve
Exotic bird wildlife in Royal Palm reserve Jamaica
Wooden watchtower in Royal Palms Jamaica
Lake view in Royal Palms reserve Negril Jamaica

Royal Palm Reserve is a beautiful nature reserve. Being quite stashed, it is primarily abandoned and thus really serene. Lots of birds to see.

Found simply off of Sheffield Road, we suggest getting an exclusive taxi or driving a rental cars and truck, due to the fact that course taxis won't get you completely there.

A tour of the book takes advantage of a system of boardwalks, which is the very best place to view this unusual environment without splashing (though boat trips are additionally offered from the Kool Runnings Adventure Park).
Jamaica's second-largest marsh makes up 6 thousand acres of rivers, peat bogs as well as lawns that back right onto Negril's beach; fed by rivers from the Orange as well as Fish River hillsides, the location is vital to freshwater supply, serving as a large natural filter, securing coral reefs from being smothered by silt and offering a haven for pests, shrimps, rare plants and birds-- typically seen are Jamaican euphonias, parakeets and woodpeckers. Land crabs delight in one of the few staying perfect environments in Jamaica and also are a typical sight during the summer season reproducing months.
The morass has actually long been intimidated by chemical and sewer pollution as well as proposals to eliminate peat fuel, however thus far the cut-and-drain activities of the government-owned Oil Firm of Jamaica (PCJ) have been had.

The Royal Palm Get was developed as a part of the overall proposition for mining of peat in the Negril Great Morass throughout the mid-1980's. At that time it was recognized that the stand of Morass Royal Palms at the south-western edge of the Morass was a remnant of a when much larger wetland woodland that had been thoroughly logged and also cut down in previous years.
The Morass Royal Hand is endemic to Jamaica-- its distribution is limited to the Negril Morass and also various other marshes in western Jamaica. Due to the very restricted circulation of the palm in international terms, the Oil Company of Jamaica (PCJ) decided to establish the Royal Palm Reserve so regarding safeguard the Morass Royal Palm in Negril.
PCJ consequently created as well as constructed an access road from Sheffield, a boardwalk through the marsh forest, a lake as well as structures around it-- restaurant, gallery and management office, in addition to a Function Centre on the financial institution of the South Negril River. Building and construction was finished in 1989, nevertheless, the center has actually never been formally opened up or made use of since then, because of a modification in the required of the PCJ. This ultimately led PCJ to provide the home for lease in 1994, at which time, a freshly created Negril Environmental management Count On (NEPT) tendered a bid.
The proposal was unsuccessful as well as the lease was provided to a private sector company which surrendered the lease after regarding two years of not successful management. Over the years, NEPT remained to suggest its rate of interest in managing the Reserve and ultimately gotten the lease starting on January 1, 2001.
Nonetheless we understand as of 2022, the reserve is closed, potentially completely unless it can be obtained by an organisation that actually functions.

With a couple of hundred secured acres just outside of Negril, the Royal Palm Book is your best bet to see endemic plants and also pets in western Jamaica. A boardwalk covers a lot of the park and also a wood watchtower offers an excellent view of the hand trees, butterflies, crocodiles, turtles, waterfowl, and a lot more.

The onsite small museum is predictably desultory and also poorly kept given that NEPT withdrew its long-term staff, however there are still descriptions of wetland ecological communities as well as bird selections on the walls. The casual guides that are still to be discovered on website are unsettled as well as expect to come with site visitors on a 45-minute tour; many are helpful as well as enthusiastic, nevertheless, and justify their suggestion. Dawn or dusk bird viewing as well as angling for tarpon and also tilapia are particularly worthwhile activities here.

Formally closed to the general public, the 289-acre Royal Palm Get extends along the southerly side of the Great Morass, as well as consists of three unique overload woodland kinds: royal palm forest, buttonwood woodland as well as bull thatch forest. They're all residence to butterflies, doctor birds, herons, egrets, jeopardized black parakeets, Jamaican woodpeckers and also countless other birds.

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