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Glistening Waters Jamaica
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Jamaica's Luminescent Lagoon is house to billions of naturally taking place "bioluminescent" microbes, i.e. they light up when touched. The mixing of both fresh and also salted water fills up the bay with brackish water, creating the perfect setting for these little animals to flourish.

Jamaica Luminous Shallows: Brightest BioLuminescence worldwide.

The shallows is located just outside the historical community of Falmouth, Jamaica, regarding 30 minutes from Montego Bay. Falmouth Shallows is one of the biggest and most dazzling sparkling lagoons in the globe. The phosphorescence of the lagoon is due to the bacteria that call these waters residence.

The Luminous Shallows is a bay and also natural phenomenon with harmless microorganisms called dinoflagellates that release blue-looking light when disturbed. When this occurs we get bioluminescence on the planet which triggers an exciting glow of ultra blue light across the shallows when the water is sprinkled or touched.

Every night past dark, watercrafts leave from anchors at the "Glistening Seas" restaurant.
Presence is ideal against a dark sky when the moon is less than half complete, so intend your check out for the darkest evening of your journey.

The shallows floor feels a bit like jelly or a soft peat mud due to the mangroves and silt that comes down from the river and also rainfall. Putting on good water footwear.

Falmouth Shallows is one of the biggest and also most dazzling glistening lagoons in the world. The phosphorescence of the shallows is due to the bacteria that call these waters house.

Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon is home to billions of naturally occurring "bioluminescent" microbes, i.e. they light up when touched.

Falmouth Shallows composes part of the Trelawney marshlands of northern Jamaica as well as stretches from Rock to Falmouth.
Unlike the extra popular Jamaican resort areas, Falmouth is an enchanting historical town where you'll enjoy tranquility. You can also explore the 18th as well as 19th-century-style houses as well as old sugar vineyards on horseback.
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