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Boston Bay beach opening times
Boston Bay beach opening times

The special environment of relaxation, noisy music and rainy water make this beach uncomfortable for couples with children. All other classifications of tourists, even those not engaged in any water sports, will find here for themselves home entertainment to their taste, bathing, sunbathing, hiking along the sea, communicating with residents understood for their friendliness, viewing the luxurious sundowns and sunrises, surfing. Any visitors to the beach can take board or kayak lessons for an additional fee.
Boston Bay Beach is located a few miles from Port Antonio and Long Bay. It can be reached by vehicle, and it is very important to watch carefully not to pass by, due to the fact that a little bay is hardly visible from the roadway. You can constantly inspect the area of the beach at jerk vendors selling it along the roadway.

Boston Bay's open beach with its white sand and brilliant blue-green water is among the most beautiful put on Jamaica's northern coast and possibly the most appealing for windsurfers in the area. It is likewise referred to as the homeland of jerky, a popular meal of chicken, meat or fish marinaded with Jamaican peppers and other local spices and then grilled. It is sold all over here.

A gorgeous small cove with golden sand, Boston Bay is the only beach in Jamaica with waves high enough to browse. Get your quarter chicken or pork to stroll and go over to the beach where you can enjoy your meal and try to capture a wave.

Portland is a more rustic parish, which the good news is allows for an attractive beach scene. Beaches in Portland are as scenic as they come and you'll feel like you've strolled onto a tourist website.

When you want a view while consuming your jerk chicken or pork, you have actually most likely heard of Boston Jerk Centre and this is just a close-by beach for. This beach is likewise excellent for water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and surfing and has equipment leasings.

Boston Beach is situated 9 miles east of Jamaica's Port Antonio about a 20 minute drive from the town conveniently located near the well-known Boston Jerk Centre, which is said around the world and Jamaica to be to be the best Jerk food centre. Due to global rising water levels, most of the little beaches around this location are all cleaned away however, if want to do a little surfing, then Boston Beach is the finest location to go. The highlight for Boston Beach would be that it's located near Boston Jerk Centre that has hosted the prominent Portland Jerk celebration the very first two years in a row, which included live music, slideshows and hundreds of jerk food stalls.

This beach is noteworthy for its compact size and spick-and-span sand. The horseshoe shape of a small bay and the rocky cliffs of Boston Bay Beach contribute to the development of high waves in this location, so appreciated by windsurfers and surfers. For this reason, this promotion available beach with crystal blue water has been inhabited by water sports lovers of any ages originating from all over the world for over half a century. The ideal nature surrounding this location, in addition to the detachment from the busy and crowded resorts bring in Boston Bay and Rastaman.

Surf at Boston Bay Beach.
This sensational white-sand stretch, simply a five-minute drive east of Port Antonio, is the only beach in Jamaica with waves high enough to surf. Boston Bay is likewise one of the few remaining public hairs on the island. It continues to bring in more residents than tourists and as such is nearly vendor-free. You can view kids sprinkling about on their boards, or you can lease your own for a Browsing 101 lesson. Be forewarned: As at numerous beaches, often the waves are flat, but you can console yourself with a brief stroll down the beach to the famous Boston Bay jerk chicken stands.

Boston Beach Jamaica Entrance Fee and Facilities
It will cost you $200 per person Jamaican dollars to enter into Boston Beach. That's less than US$ 2 each. There are showers and bathroom centers at the beach and sufficient parking.

There's not a lot of seating area here. There are a few rocks down on the beach to sit on and one covered seating area so you have actually got ta arrive early or get imaginative if you wish to design on the beach.

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