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Winnifred Beach Jamaica
Jamaica's Winnifred beach
Secluded bay on Winnifred beach in Jamaica
Small tree bar on Winnifred beach Jamaica
beach in Winnifred Jamaica
Winnifred beach gentle surf
Small vendors bar on Winnifred beach Jamaica
Local Jamaicans enjoying Winnifred beach
Unspoiled Winnifred beach Port Antonio Jamaica
Winnifred beach Port Antonio Jamaica horse riding
Relaxing on Winnifred beach Port Antonio
Fairy Hill Port Antonio Winifred beach
Under a tree in Port Antinio's Winnifred beach
Horse swimming in sea on Winnifred beach Fairy Hill
Directions map to Winnifred beach Port Antonio Jamaica

Concealed in a deep cove, Winnifred Beach has moderate waves, making it an exceptional household beach with lots of local kids and parents playing and unwinding on a Sunday. Trees grow nearly down to the water, so there's a lot of shade. If you like to snorkel, there's a reef simply off coast.

If you go to Winnifred Beach, you immediately see why it does not bring in more tourists. Some cabby refuse to take visitors down the access road to the beach, pointing out the blows the potholed road will deal to their vehicles. On the other hand, it takes at least 15 minutes to stroll it. Since the road is surrounded by thick bushes, it isn't safe after dark. There is also no electrical power or lighting on the beach. When night falls rapidly, closer to the end of the year, vendors and visitors pack up and leave immediately around 5 p.m.
No water system means vendors who prepare food should bring water in huge plastic drums each morning. When they have no taxi fare, they haul the drums miles on foot.

Winnifred Beach is a small part of a residential or commercial property covering numerous acres. In 1918 Baptist missionary Frederick Barnet Brown willed the estate to his wife. He mandated that as soon as she died, the residential or commercial property be utilized as a rest home for missionaries, instructors, and the poor. In essence Brown willed his home to the Fairy Hill community. He developed a trust to administer his estate, however the group stopped working to do so consistently. As a result, Jamaica's chief law officer became the sole trustee of his will in 1938. Most of the residential or commercial property, including Winnifred Beach, was sold to the UDC in 1972.

Winnifred Beach is not easy to reach, which makes it just a bit more unique. Rent a 4x4 to come down the tricky course through the trees. Then the beach will open up in front of you. Relax, feel the sun on your skin and delight in the natural beauty and joyful community vibe.

On October 6, 2014, the contract was approved by an official order from the Port Antonio Citizen Magistrates Court. The UDC was ordered to apply for a different title for Winnifred Beach and the lands to access it and to produce on the new title an easement (unique right) for public gain access to for bathing and leisure functions.
The Brown estate now has 2 titles. The UDC still owns Winnifred Beach, and the neighborhood has a right to use it permanently no matter who owns it.

You won't be the only visitor and there might be a few hawkers, but they are extremely friendly and this is still a really subtle destination, specifically on weekdays. Pack your snorkel and fins to check out the neighboring reef. Bring a soccer ball since there's enough room on the turf for a game. Regional locals enjoy playing cricket at Winnifred Beach also. You might be fortunate and hear the infectious beat of live reggae music, right on the beach. Take a boat journey on the clear waters to close-by Monkey Island where sea turtles are often spotted.

Winnifred Beach is among the last staying public beaches in Jamaica, an unusual combination of authenticity and appeal. The secret imagine lots of "First World" tourists. The Beach is also a historical neighborhood place for Portlanders where they traditionally go to celebrate events, enhance health, relax and relax.

After your swim and sunbathing, taste conventional Jamaican food from one of the vendor huts on the beach. You'll also have the ability to purchase local crafts and precious jewelry. The location is a little an oasis. While Jamaica's beaches are becoming privatized one by one, it won't cost you a cent to wallow at Winnifred, something the locals are really pleased with.

Perched on a cliff 13km east of Port Antonio is the little hamlet and popular traveler destination of Fairy Hill. Follow the roadway steeply downhill and you'll reach Winnifred Beach, yet another absolutely beautiful strip that puts a great deal of the sand in more well-known locations to embarassment. It's the just really public beach on this stretch of the coast, and has a fantastic ambiance, with food and beverage stands, weekend sound systems and Jamaicans from all walks of life.

Discover a charming trip place, with white sands, crystal seas and friendly smiles, far from traveler hubs in Portland Parish.
Lounge on the sand in the shade of stretching trees or bob around on the gleaming sea at Winnifred Beach. This little beach town uses one of couple of staying locations in Jamaica where you can jump in the water without paying anyone.

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