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Reviews of Dolphin Cove Jamaica
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March 2016
They do not allow personal cameras or hats or sunglasses. So that sucked! They sell you all the pictures you want for $108 on a CD, BUT we negotiated it down to $80. Since it is on a CD. It costs them very little. Worth the experience, but watch for the add-ons!
April 2016
“Great experience shame everything is all about the money!” photos $40 for one photo or over $100+ for all of them!!
April 2016
Mingle with the dolphins in this secluded cove of warm Caribbean water. Great for both swimmmers and non swimmers. For those who just want to experience the dolphins up close or those who want to complete their bucket list and swim with them, This was a great experience, Wish they had provided more swim time but overall a fabulous adventure
April 2016
This was my all time best experience while I was in Jamaica. I've wanted to swim with the dolphins my whole life and on April 13th 2016 I finally got my chance.
April 2016
“Love the dolphins” The staff was very friendly. Loved the dolphin encounter. Did NOT like the fact we couldn't take our own pictures with the dolphins and it was VERY expensive to buy the ones they took.
April 2016
Swimming with the Dolphins” Dolphins Cove , Lucea, Jamiaca was awesome! I would do it again. I would love to take my girls there someday. Swimming with the dolphins was so great! I am so glad I went.
April 2016
“Expensive Dolphin Cove” Swimming with Dolphins. Every little girls dream. It finally came true for me, it was ... good. the Dolphins are so beautiful! you burn your feet walking on the dock to get into the water with them (I recommend carrying little children) its hot, like walking on fire. they have photographers who take your pictures (you cannot bring your own camera) and they pictures are VERY expensive. Looked cool but after the money we already spent I was just annoyed at the money grab
April 2016 “Wonderful dolphins and their trainers” My friends and I really enjoyed our trip to Dolphin Cove in Lucea. Several people tried to sway us to go to Ocho Rios and said it was better there because it was bigger with more to do and see. We wanted to ride the dolphins and Lucea was closer to our resort. We were quite happy with our experience
April 2016 “Dolphin Cove excursion was the best!”
My girlfriends and I visited the Dolphin Cove last month as one of our excursions. Our trainer Bingo was extremely patient with us as we were very nervous about swimming with the dolphins. We had an awesome time and Bingo was very knowledgeable of the marina animals and their behaviors. I plan to come again next year
April 2016 “Fun moment riding a camel and feeding an ostrich”
We stopped here on the drive back to the airport with limited time to spend. So happy to hear we could spend $11 and ride a camel! Quite a delightful highlight....and then our guide offered to have us feed the ostrich - hilarious! Well spent $11 (plus a tip) for 30 minutes of fun.
April 2016 “Great experience!!!”
"Me and my family had a great time, the experience with the dolphins is great, you swim with them, hug, touch, kiss, everything, and they are well trained, even my 6 year old daughter has been able to do everything - expensive but worth it, no doubt!!"

April 2016 “Exceeded expectations for our family of 6”
"We visited Dolphin Cove as part of a shore excursion off our Royal Caribbean cruise that also included Dunn's River Falls. My 11 year-old girl has always wanted to swim with a dolphin. Not only did she enjoy this, but our whole family was completely thrilled by this excursion."
April 2016
Total waste of money paid over 200 for poor pictures .spent over 750 on ultimate swims for myself ,wife and 2 boys .we was in the water with the Dolphins for about 30minutes spending only 5minutes each with the dolphins the pushes were rubbish the Dolphins didn't want to push overall for a once in a lifetime experience felt very let down .cost a fortune and we have probly have only 3decent pictures that's it .This place has nothing to do with the welfare of the Dolphins or sharks or stingrays but about squeezing every bit of money out of you my advice stay well clear
February 2016
The trip to Dolphin Cove was an amazing experience and one that everyone should not miss! There is quite a few opportunities to inreract with the dolphins in different ways. Of course that is not all Dolphin Cove has to offer, there is snorkelling with Stingrays, kayaking and power boat rides and for the very brave, you can swim with sharks!
February 2016
February 2016
This is an exceptional facility. It's new and welcoming upon arrival. Check in was quick. The grounds are well-groomed and the facility is clean. All of the employees are helpful and glad to assist. The dolphins are beautiful and not threatening in any way. The trainers are knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable. The time with the dolphins was great! Don't complain about not taking your camera into the lagoon area. The professional photographers take excellent photographs which could not be taken by you during the experience. I recommend this highly for every age!
February 2016
I had this fantasy that I would be swimming with the dolphins but it is more an experience of interacting with them. The dolphin does personalized tricks for you and it is adorable. Being so close to dolphins at some point it was right next to my legs, mouth open, kind of like a pet : is worth the visit. The swim experience was too expansive for my budget. There is not much else to do on the site, there was only one ray, but it was nice to touch it.
February 2016
The half hour experience was worth while. As previous comments mentioned, they sting you financially for everything once you are there. We were spectators watching our son and were charged 26 each to watch - and were told to move further away because we were in the line of their photographer! quite some distance away. Worth the trip though
January 2016
This was a fantastic tour. No matter what time of day your tour is, plan to spend many hours at Dolphin Cove. There is kayaking, speedboat rides, stingray swims, shark swims, and all sorts of stuff to do while you're there that is all included in your admission. I only got the dolphin tour for my daughter so I could save money, but then I paid 49.50 for the general admission and was able to do all that other stuff.
January 2016 Unforgettable experience! Love it! Expensive too! Finding our own transportation wasn't hard but added up 40 to the cost. We weren't allowed to take our GoPro or camera with us. We had a photographer who took pictures and then they sold them for 37/1 pic or 89/CD/2 people. So, if you are planning this trip, add at least 130-150 to the initial cost.
January 2016
A fun afternoon swimming with the dolphins....we were pleased there was many things to do...great water slide, swimming with stingrays and sand sharks. Lovely animals to take your picture with...iguana, love birds and parrots. The beach was fun but really but a lot of pebbles but we still had fun! I would have given it a 5 stars if only the dolphin swim was cheaper or longer. But a lovely afternoon all around!
October 2015
It was a great time swimming with the dolphins the wife loved it .
Tourist Trap February 25, 2016
We were so excited to "swim with the dolphins" and enjoy what cosmetically looks like a beutiful place. As soon as we arrived we knew we had made a bad choice. The entire place is set up that you are constantly walking through vendors and money traps. Warning! Do not engage with the vendors.
February 18, 2015 Very sad & upsetting to see these dolphins in a pool no bigger than your local leisure centre pool. Plus, the realisation these highly intelligent animals perform these same tricks every day of every week all year round! Speaks volumes about this place that the only good thing about Dolphin Cove was the one legged pirate, a class act.
“Complete waste of money.” February 16, 2015 Please go somewhere else. After spending $600 for my daughter and I to do the dolphin trainer program (SeaKeeper) we were ripped off. First off, we were supposed to get shirts but they handed us a prepacked little plastic bag and said," idk what sizes are in them so if it doesn't fit, just switch with someone. Secondly, you do this thing with the dolphins called husbandry and mine was only 1/3 of the time. You don't just get to take pictures with you and your family, you take them with the whole group.They don't keep track of the schedule so you end up missing stuff you were supposed to get to do including having time to check out your pictures to see if you want to purchase them. When you make a complaint to the manager, it falls onto deaf ears and they make no attempt to fix anything bc they already have your money so they don't care. Oh and if you think you're getting real Jamaican food, think again, the snack bar sales hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and bbq chicken with all seasonings on the side. I have never been so disappointed with a place.
“staffs mannerisms” January 4, 2015 We have had a very bad experience at dolphin cove. Jason Gordon was very impolite whilst he was serving us. Secondly, Marvin at the boating section was very rude, one of the ladies doing the quiz time next to the jerk chicken area, did not know how to share a joke....in fact Jason, reply was, the staff there did not like serving Jamaicans, we found this very insulting. We have spent a lot of money there, and in return the staffs we came across have let down the few good ones. On a final note, Jason and Marvin, not all Jamaicans are horrible, we will never return to this place ever
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