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Exclusive Travel Tip:
The Power of Analyzing Reviews
How to know if a hotel is good or bad

So, you want to know 'really' what that hotel or other accommodation is like?

Well, anyone can do it given some time, expertise and some software. It works simply like this.
Step one. Compile two lists of the current and previous year hotel guest reviews from the many booking and other website's.
Step Two. Analyses of the data to determine a mean average rating for each list
Step Three. Analyze further for keywords and keyword strings such as 'dirty' 'clean' 'small' 'large' 'spacious' 'beach' 'fabulous' 'renovation' etc. etc. etc. (done by AI software)
Step Four. Compare the data across both lists, producing a graph that clearly indicts any rising or falling tendencies in negative to positive reviews in particular areas over the entire period and what that affected for example food, amenities, noise etc. etc.

As a good example, seeing a sudden spike in negative or positive remarks about the food or staff of a hotel or guest house would imply a temporary hiccup, so reviews during that short period may have been influenced. This is normally allowed for in under developed countries as the establishment themselves are reliant upon a sometimes unreliable service.
But a longer more gradual trend indicates a constant improvement or decline in service. So the potential guest would then have a much sounder indication on that particular property and make a balanced decision which leads to less disappointments and rising review ratings.

I have seen many establishments going from terrible to excellent or visa versa in very short periods and equally identified many on a constant downward spiral. the best places either have a constant review rating or steady upward trend over two years.

But by far the largest percentage of negative reviews stem from the guest being miss informed or miss led prior to actually booking the place. A classic being the glossy promotional pictures done by the hotel itself and those displayed on booking sites. Obviously the booking sites wants its 15% to 30% share of the booking cost so its in their best interests to make it as glamorous and appealing as possible.

When a guest books a spacious gorgeous looking room or reads a fantastic write up about the place and arrives to dirty corners, scruffy linen, broken tiles etc. They are going to feel instantly negative towards everything.

Key things to look for to avoid the bad places in any reviews, especially in countries like Jamaica are reviews mentioning renovation needed, noise and food quality.
And try to pick a hotel or guest house where the owner or staff are praised, as that can make the biggest positive enhancement to your stay in wonderful Jamaica.
Dismiss any negative reviews about the water being off for hours or internet down all day. That's normal in Jamaica and outside the control of the establishments.

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