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The Zika virus in Jamaica

Latest news, events and important info about the Zika Virus in Jamaica

The mosquito Zika virus:

If your pregnant then DONT travel to any countries affected by the Zika virus. If your not into having any more children then there are some fantastic offers for great holidays in countries which currently have the mosquito Zika virus. As obviously they have had many cancellations. The airlines want to fill empty seats and the resorts empty rooms. So expect some really great deals soon to the luxurious Caribbean. Resorts and hotels in Brazil and South America will also be feeling the pinch as the cancellations come flooding in.
Countries infected by Zika Virus

Places affected by the mosquito borne Zika virus are generally around the Caribbean, Brazil and south America (See map)

If your not pregnant, the worst that can happen if you get bitten by one is maybe a slight flu effect for couple of days, though many people don't even notice it. The danger lies with those that are pregnant as it can cause brain defects (microcephaly) in the unborne infant. Although its been known about for over 50 years, the alarm was triggered recently because of its possible link to thousands of cases of brain defects known as microcephaly which affects the unborn baby.

microcephaly in babiesZika mosquitoZika Mosquito close up

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