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Natural methods to eliminate Mosquitoes from the home and garden.

Natural methods to deter Mosquitoes

natural herbs for remedies

Over the years much research has been carried out on methods to deter mosquitoes both in the home and surrounding areas. The author spent considerable time researching this in Africa years ago and deduced that education about natural deterrents are the best solutions, being both easy and affordable to implement.

With world wide outbreaks of serious viruses caused by Mosquitoes bringing suffering and death, its time to educate and impliment solutions that everyone can use.

We show here some proven natural methods of elliminating or deterring those nasty little biters, without resorting to harmful toxins and chemicals. Some of these can be used in and around your home very easily at little cost. While other solutions can be considered for wider scale community mosquito control within affordable budgets.

natural herbs for remedies
Ultrasonic Myth. Sound radiation is known to get rid of some pests such as rodents, but there are mixed reports of ultrasonics working effectively against Mosquitoes. Most of the electronic plug in units commonly sold do little or nothing to keep mosquitoes away and are a total waste of money. Although some of the more powerful commercial ultrasound units do work to a degree, they are expensive and can also upset animals.

Mosquito predators are an effective method to reduce Mosquitoes across a larger community.

natural herbs for remedies
1. Dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes along with other insects such as flies, ants, wasps They are usually found around marshes, lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands as their larvae (nymphs) breed rapidly in these conditions. In some countries, dragonflies are farmed and released into Mosquito prone areas. Adult dragonflies are foracious feeders and and a mature adult dragonfly can consume hundreds of mosquitoes in a day. Being totally harmless to humans and quite beautiful to look at, dragonflies are possibly the most effective method both in cost and benefit to reduce mosquito populations long term in communities.

natural herbs for remedies

2. Bats are maybe not to most peoples liking, but they are one of natures most prolific eaters of flying insects. A bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes per night so a few bats flying around the garden at night time will help reduce the mosquito population!

natural herbs for remedies

3. Toads, frogs and lizards living in your garden will also help as mosquitoes and there larvae are tasty snacks for them. Also, most insect eating birds inhabiting your neighborhood include mosquitoes in their diet.

natural herbs for remedies
4. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Possibly one of natures best method to eliminate the breeding of Mosquitoes. Bt is a naturally occurring bacterium common in soils throughout the world and totally harmless to us. The 'israelensis' variety is especially effective against Mosquitoes and is the only �microbial insecticide� in widespread use today. It works by producing proteins that paralyze the digestive system of the Mosquitoes larvae, resulting in the Mosquito being unable to feed and subsequently dying of starvation. One of the advantages of BT is that it has a small spectrum of activity, so it does not kill beneficial insects, such as predators or pollinators. Its normally used in solid tablet form and used in pools, ponds, wet areas or anywhere mosquitoes are likely to breed. As Bt does not adversely affect humans, birds, fish or many other non-target aquatic vertebrates, it is considered an environmentally safe solution and can even be added to water for consumption.
Large scale Mosquito control can be achieved by adding BT to swamp or wetland areas.

Plants that deter Mosquitoes:
Growing certain plants outside the house can reduce Mosquitoes significantly. Certain plants give off an odour that many flying insects such as the Mosquito cannot tolerate.

natural herbs for remedies
Lavender - the oils in lavender create an aroma in the air that keep away mosquitoes Also, cutting the stems in flower and hanging bunches around the house will not only keep them away  but infuse a wonderful smell.
natural herbs for remedies
Lemon grass - The odour this plant produces while pleasant to us is intolerable to Mosquitoes Lemon grass is relatively easy to cultivate and plant around the garden.
natural herbs for remedies
Basil has essential oils that can be extracted and used as a spray to repel mosquitoes. It is also an effective repellent when grown near or inside the house.
natural herbs for remedies
Clove is another natural mosquito repellent plant that can be planted around the yard.
natural herbs for remedies
Lemon Thyme repels mosquitoes naturally. Mosquitoes tend to hate its citrus smell.
natural herbs for remedies
Mint repels mosquitoes and you can make your own repellent with it! All species of mint, both wild and cultivated, contain aromatic properties repulsive to insects.
natural herbs for remedies
Pitcher Plant is a carnivorous plant that is similar to a Venus Fly Trap. Except this little plant attracts and gobbles up mosquitoes.
natural herbs for remedies
Rosemary can be planted in your garden in order to control mosquito infestations.
natural herbs for remedies
Marigolds have an odor that many insects, including Mosquitoes dislike. Often grown alongside crops to elliminate insects and bugs.

Other easy Mosquito control methods.

natural herbs for remedies
Eat Garlic! You may keep away some friends but the garlic smell in your skins pores will keep mosquitoes far away as they detest it - no matter how hungry for your blood.
natural herbs for remedies
Neem Oil - Though the odour from the actual Neem tree does not cover any significant area, the oil from its leaves (neem oil) is readily available and a brilliant insect killer. Spraying Neem around the outside of the house will certainly get rid of any passing Mosquitoes It can also be added to any ponds of water buts.
natural herbs for remedies
Citrus Fruits - If there are some oranges, lemons or limes handy, cutting one in half and rubbing a little over arms and legs acts as a quick cure to being biten. Leave the cut fruit by your bedside to deter them as well.
natural herbs for remedies
Citrus Burners Small aromatic burners using citrus oils are very effective mosquito repellants in the home and infuse a pleasant smell around the house.
citrus inscence sticks
Inscence Sticks Natural citrus based inscence sticks are very effective at keeping Mosquitoes out of the house without resorting to harmful chemicals.

*NOTE* The fumes from burning coils that are commonly on sale are very dangerous to your health and should never be used in a closed environment.

Electrical Solutions.

bug zappers dont work for mosquitoes
Bug Zappers are not very efficient at zapping mosquitoes as they are attracted by our breathe rather than blue light.
how to build a mosquito trap
Extractor Fans A powerful fan with a fine mesh covering it is a wonderful mosquito trap and can trap hundreds or even thousands of them in a night. They get sucked into the air flow and stuck on the mesh, then a simple quick spray of alchohol and they are all dead!
Watch our video on how to make it.

If you would like further information on small or large scale Mosquito control solutions, please contact us here.

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lavender on skin repells mosquito
THE PROOF One hand has been rubbed with lavender, the other has not.

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