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Ritz-Carlton Reserve - Dorado Beach, Dorado, Puerto Rico

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The moto of the Dorado Beach developer says it all. "We’ve created the ambience to facilitate happiness, peace and love. Those things, in the end, are the reason for life." View latest offers for hotels and resorts in Condado
Dorado Beach

At Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve, dining is a conclusion of components, an expedition of tastes and methods from Puerto Rico and around the globe. From every table, the ocean is a continuous pointer that there is always more to experience.
The Reserve is an unusual estate that allows visitors to feel completely immersed in its legendary history. We are delighted to continue curating extraordinary and distinct meaningful journeys to our experience collectors, who will check out, enjoy and engage with the regional culture and the environment.
Suites and Residences feature signatures tied to Puerto Rico: the ocean just outside your door; the individual attention of an Embajador; outside living space; an open-air shower and artwork recording the colors of nature.

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A 100-year-old Ficus tree invites you at the Spa Botanico entrance. Its roots are deeply connected to the earth and its strength and appeal work as an inspiration of durability, health and endurance. Day spa Botanico is wonderland for wellness, showing a shared vision to produce an improvement wellness experience instilled by the recovery power of nature.
During life's biggest delights, we long to be among those we like. It might be the wedding event you never thought of until you uttered the word "yes." The birthday you said you wanted to pass quietly yet secretly yearned to mark with splendour. The anniversary you never believed would arrive yet how rapidly the time goes in good company.

About Dorado Beach:
Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico is a luxurious resort located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. It was founded in 1958 by Laurance Rockefeller and his wife Mary as one of the first-ever eco-friendly resorts in the Caribbean. Located on over 1,400 acres of pristine beachfront property and lush forests, Dorado Beach offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The resort features two distinct properties: The Ritz Carlton Reserve at Dorado Beach and The Ritz Carlton Spa at Dorado Beach. Both offer world-class amenities including elegant guest rooms with private balconies or terraces overlooking either the stunning ocean views or lush gardens; gourmet restaurants; championship golf courses; several swimming pools; tennis courts; spa services; fitness centers; children's programs; horseback riding trails, kayaking excursions, snorkeling trips and much more.

For those interested in exploring further beyond their hotel grounds there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your vacation! Nature lovers can venture out into El Yunque rainforest for guided hikes through tropical jungles filled with exotic plants and wildlife spotting opportunities or head west for some surfing spots along Isla Verde beach - where you might even spot migrating whales offshore! Other attractions include visiting Old San Juan which is home to numerous historical monuments such as La Fortaleza (the oldest executive mansion still used), Castillo San Cristóbal (a fort built by Spain) as well as many museums dedicated to art & culture.

For a taste of local cuisine be sure to check out any number of delicious restaurants throughout town that serve up traditional dishes like mofongo (mashed plantains) and arroz con habichuelas (rice & beans). Shopping aficionados will also find plenty to keep them occupied when they take a stroll around Plaza Las Americas mall - one of largest shopping centers in Latin America!
No matter what type traveler you are there’s something for everyone at Dorado Beach – so if it’s restful relaxation or exciting adventure that you seek then look no further than this paradise destination in Puerto Rico.

Latest reviews:
"Exceeds expectations! Wonderful service, beautiful views, beautiful landscaping! You are greeted warmly throughout your stay, the staff is so attentive! The rooms are perfectly designated, the outside shower was my preferred part of the stay. The day spa items are splendid, purchased some to bring home!"

" This Ritz Carlton residential or commercial property is amazing. The beach is gorgeous, the food is adequate and the service hit or miss. Certainly not a place for a quiet time for the 2 people. Children and teenagers inhabit every pool. Even the designated "grownups just" pool/hot tub neglecting the ocean is stuffed with children and loud teens. I think the personnel hesitates to impose the "adults only" guideline for fear of reprisal from the disengaged parents close by. This is our 4th journey but sadly possibly our last."

" This is one of the most stunning hotels I've ever been. Stunning spaces with personal swimming pools, awesome views, outside showers. The home itself is a gem. Nevertheless, I will offer customer care an F and I believe that's undesirable for the rate.
My husband and I have stayed 3 times, each one even worse than the other. Very first time we checked out with buddies and even with the dreadful service we chose to go to a second time to have some time in the home for ourselves. This time was the worst, at 5pm (one hour after standard check in time) our space was not ready. When I request a supervisor the person who speak with me informed me that I can go to the health club and take a shower if that was my grievance. I believe this is inappropriate even at a 1 star hotel.
Due to this incident, they provided me a present certificate of 3 nights. I thought that this time will be different in order to make up for previous errors.
What a surprise! Service was worst! We stayed last weekend and everything is wrong with the kind of service this hotel offers."

" We remained here for a week on our honeymoon. We enjoyed our space a lot, stunning and romantic views on the East beach (facing a non- public beach so extremely personal). Personnel is very friendly and practical. The focal interest of the beach/ocean is the waves, which is really calming and peaceful to listen to, yet better for browsing than swimming in. Sitting in the tranquility pool listening to the waves is unsurpassable. We enjoyed walking to our browsing lessons on the property. Bikes are offered and paved bike bath along ocean was breath taking. Numerous families existed throughout our stay around Christmas time. Positivo and Coa are amazing dining establishments, don't bother with Encanto (really salted food, unusually). We invested the majority of our time in the room with all the doors open, it's remarkable how the doors open all the way and the ENTIRE wall is open windows! Staff was extremely accommodating. My recommendation is for the Ritz is to improve to Embajador system for much better interaction and moving of info"

" I've taken a trip all over the world and this is my favorite place. Best spa, food, and service is one of their best features. Willie and Kevin are the very best staff members and made our stayed 1000x much better. If you ever go to Dorado Beach please ask for them, they're the sweetest.
Their food is incredible, oysters, poke bowls, branzino ... this is the very best hotel I've ever remained at. Puerto Ricans are the best people ever."

" It is a lovely residential or commercial property with awful service. Dreadful is an understatement. I extremely hardly ever write reviews but I felt this one is very needed.
Truths - guests asked Xavier their table server if there is anywhere where they may have an after dinner smoke. Xavier said usually there is no open location however everyone actions behind the dining establishment and we might do the same. The supervisor Jody Gibson presumed we managed to discover this place and do this on our own accord and threatened to have us tossed out of the facilities. We are visitors and no matter what, the first response can never ever be "I'll have you tossed out". She could have simply backed her staff's decision, ask us to rush and end up, and call it a day. But even after discovering the realities it was clear it was too late for her to back track so she continued her rudeness and conceit and altered her storytelling as it matched her. I have actually experienced this kind of arrogance quiet a couple of times here and question why is it so. If you don't wish to ruin your holidays I suggest you hesitate before scheduling. A lot of staff you will experience on the premises are regularly vaping."

" Just wow. We checked out in March with our 2 month old and it went beyond all expectations. The hotel premises seems like you're walking through a personal tropical rain forest. The swimming pool and beach location (on both sides) are quiet and relaxing. Staff exceeded and beyond whenever they could. Food at the restaurants and the swimming pool (which is serviced by the sand bar) was unbelievable. We will definitely be back for another stay!"

" Things have improved since in 2015's evaluation. We decided to attempt a go to here in late May. We've always come here during the winter season however the prices became un-affordable therefore instead of skip this home we decided to attempt a summer season time visit when costs are lower. We havinged fun and would do this once again.
I evaluated my notes from my previous review here in March 2021 and things have improved on the pain points I pointed out in 2015. The ownership has altered and senior management has actually been shocked. Most of this is blind to the visitors and I can't state that I see any real modifications in the offerings of the property either great or bad, which I guess is an advantage since normally homes just raise rates and decrease what they provide."

" Lovely however overrun by children. Dorrado Beach stays ones of the Ritz-Carlton's most lovely homes. The beach and restaurants make it simple to remain on home for the duration of your stay. If you are trying to find a place for you and your significant other to be in a pool or hot tub without children/teenagers this is not the place for you. In spite of a designated grownup pool/hot tub overlooking the ocean no "adult just" policy is imposed. Wonderful location however not truly a romantic get away."

" Great Return Trip, except. This is our second see, the first was just prior to cyclone Maria. They did an outstanding job post the storm in restoring and upgrading. The property continues to be strikingly gorgeous, so rich and well considered. The lodgings are inviting and relaxing and worth the splurge. Outstanding service by house cleaning, pools, and Embajaderos. It is genuine care, IMO. The concierge team, however, requires some training or an overhaul. They seem like desk sitters who are fascinated in their phones and appear to refer you somewhere else unless it is a paid booking experience that you need. For at least $2k a night type home, these individuals need to be exceptional in an essential dept. and they just aren't. Heads up and the 2nd factor for 4 stars instead of 5 is they no longer have one pool as adults just. There were 2 years of age's with swimmers and shouting every day. A deal breaker for us in returning again. Food is general great, a few misses out on but primarily enjoyable. Service great in restaurants."

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