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Condado beach Puerto Rico Caribbean
Most visitors head for the capital San Juan where the Isla Verde part is a modern tourist beach strip full of bars, resort hotels and a few casinos. While the old part of San Juan will give you the true colourful features of this beautiful Caribbean island. There are many holiday accommodations available from modest hotels to luxurious beach resorts. Below are a few of our top holiday resort selections, click an image to view them.
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Puerto Rico.
Being a mountainous and hilly island Puerto Rico overflows with natural beauty, most of the heart of the island is extinct volcano's and offers able explorers some wonderful adventures. While the coasts offer wonderful beaches and exclusive resorts.
Puerto Rico is also the locality for the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System, El Yunque, which covers 28,000acres and has over 10 billion gallons of rainfall every year. The forest contains around 240 species of trees some of which have been growing for thousands of years. The Rio Camuy Cave Park is an impressive series of sinkholes and caves which include one of the worlds largest underground rivers and the magnificent 170ft high Cueva Clara. The weather remains balmy throughout the year with a daily high of 24C to 30C. Hurricane season is between May and November.

Bacardi Rum Factory.
Any visitors wanting a bit of fun should book a trip to the Bacardi Rum Factory. The place is located on the shores of Bahia de San Juan, and will definitely keep the visitors’ spirits up! Besides sampling the hard stuff though, visitors will get a birds eye view into the making of Bacardi Rum, from the very first ingredients to the distillery and bottling plant…a day of smiles all round, with a sing-song on the coach home!

El Yunque.
El Yunque is a 28,000-acre, Caribbean National Forest, located in the Luquillo mountain range of San Juan, Puerto Rico. An amazing 100 billion gallons of rain fall in the area annually, producing plenty of streams and waterfalls, tree species and ferns. As darkness falls in the forest, the calls of the tree frog and many bird species can be heard, including Puerto Rico's endangered green parrot. Visitors wanting to visit this tropical paradise are best traveling with a tour company, creating less stress getting there and gaining much more knowledge about the place, on a ranger-led day.

Old San Juan.
Within a cobble stoned, seven square block, is the walled area of Old San Juan. The historic city, with its regal architecture and beautiful plaza, is found at the western tip of San Juan Island, with sea surrounding most of its edges. Within San Juan is the 16th century fortress of El Morro, a building which protected the area from the likes of pirates and the Dutch. Rising 150 feet above sea level, El Morro’s walls are 15 feet thick and contain a maze of tunnels, dungeons and fortifications. Today the building is a kite-flying enthusiast’s site!

Rio Camuy Caverns.
A sequence of underground caves and river ways, Río Camuy Cave Park is the only cave system with a tropical underground river running through it. Only a certain part of the area is actually open to the public, two caves and three crater-like sinkholes, with a shuttle tram available to take visitors down there. The tram descends down a sinkhole, which is covered in vegetation, while an informative guide fills the visitors in, the tourists then walk to the 170 foot high, Cueva Clara cavern, abound with stalactites and stalagmites, where another tram is waiting to take you into the Tres Pueblos sinkhole which descends over 400 feet. For the more experienced caver, there is the Spiral Sinkhole and Cave, over 200 steps down, a place that was once one gigantic cavern.

Puerto Rico has been attracting surfers worldwide since the Rincón World Championships in 1968. The surf in places such as La Concha in San Juan, Pine Gorve in Isla Verde, Los Tubos in Manati and Ensenada Honda in Culebra are perfect challenging spots for expert curl-riders and tube-shooters. Any visitors new to the sport, though, can hire surf boards and surfing gear at one of the many water sports shops and even book a few lessons to help them on their way.

Economy of Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea. It has a population of over 3 million and an economy that is highly dependent on the US economy. The island nation has seen economic growth in recent years, and its GDP per capita is now slightly higher than the US national average.

The Puerto Rican economy is largely service-based, with tourism being the largest contributor. Other important sectors include manufacturing, finance, and insurance. The government is a major player in the island's economy, providing jobs, income, and services. Puerto Rico also has an agricultural sector, which produces coffee, sugar, and fruit.

Puerto Rico has experienced significant economic growth since the 1980s, when it received funds from the US government to help stimulate its economy. This led to the construction of new infrastructure and the development of new industries. The island has also attracted foreign investment, particularly from the United States and Europe.

Puerto Rico's government has implemented a number of initiatives to improve its economy. These include tax incentives, infrastructure investments, and the development of its financial sector. The government has also implemented policies to reduce unemployment, such as the creation of public-private partnerships, job training programs, and the expansion of vocational education.

Despite its economic progress, Puerto Rico still faces significant economic challenges. The island's public debt is estimated to be over $70 billion, and its unemployment rate remains high. Puerto Rico is also vulnerable to natural disasters and the economic effects of climate change.

Puerto Rico's economy has been showing signs of improvement in recent years, but there is still much work to be done. The island's government must continue to implement policies that will help it grow and attract investment. In addition, Puerto Rico must focus on diversifying its economy, creating new industries, and investing in its infrastructure. With the right policies and investments, the island nation can continue its economic growth and become a hub for business and investment in the Caribbean region.

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