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Beach in Nicaragua
Nicaragua is an awe inspiring country of mountains, lakes, tropical jungle and fabulous beaches. Whether your the explorer type or beach lover Nicaragua is a great holiday destination. Check out our exclusive hotel resorts just click the images below to see more.
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Nicaragua guide.
In the North Central Mountains are the source of huge rivers that run down to the Mosquito Coast, a region of dense rainforest on the Caribbean coast, where trees often reach a height of 200ft. Lake Nicaragua has 310 beautiful islands the largest of which, Ometepe is a major tourist magnet. The twin Corn Islands in the Caribbean are also beautiful. Fringed with white coral and palm trees they too are popular with holidaymaker's. The climate varies according to altitude, with the Pacific lowlands always extremely hot but fresh and green during the wet season. The Mostquito Coast is hot and wet for most of year and the mountains cooler and pleasant.

Corn Islands.
Known as the Islas de Maíz, the Corn Islands are found in the Caribbean Sea, east of the port city of Bluefields, and consist of two small islands, Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Once a haven for buccaneers, these day, the islands, especially Big Corn Island, are much loved places with the tourists, due to their beautiful, clear blue waters, white powdery beaches, coral reefs, water sports and relaxed way of life.

Granada City Tour.
Sitting on the shores of Lake Nicaragua is the historical city of Granada, a place that’s survived many attacks by French and British pirates, Nicaragua’s third largest city and Lake Nicaragua’s centre of commerce. Visitors will find that Granada has been a kind of fortress to Nicaragua’s upper classes, providing products such as soap, clothing and furniture. There are also quite a few elegant buildings and churches within the city, which can be seen in style, by relaxing in a horse-drawn carriage, the old way of travel.

Las Isletas.
Made up of 356 small islands, Las Isletas, found in Lago de Nicaragua, contains a vast variety of birds. Another feature visitors may be interested in is the small fortress found on the island of San Pablo, built by the Spaniards to protect themselves against British pirates, way back in the 18th century. The island of Zapatera is a national park and one of Nicaragua's most important archaeological regions, where visitors can see ancient tombs and other formations. On the island of El Muerto, cheerfully known as the ‘Island of the Dead’, visitors will find more tombs and fascinating rock carvings.

Mombotour Canopy Tour.
On the outskirts of Granada is Cutirre Farmhas, a working coffee farm. Visitors can while away the hours here, strolling through the plantation and can even get a birds eye view of the place with the bizarre Mombotour Canopy Tour. Visitors will sit high up in the treetops, to view the farm’s plantations from a different angle, with mountain cedars, huge ciebas and other trees, creating shade, within the plantation. Visitors will wear harnesses and once they’ve climbed a ladder into one tree, will just glide easily across the forest to the next tree, via help of the harness equipment!

Volcano Tours.
One great trip to take while in Nicaragua, is to two of its volcanoes, on the island of Ometepe, located in Lake Nicaragua. The first is Concepcion, rising 4,430 feet above sea level; the volcano forms the northwest part of Ometepe and has erupted around 24 times! The other volcano, Madera, is 3,833 feet high and is found at the opposite end of the island. Madera is an inactive volcano, totally enveloped by coffee plantations and rain forests and within its crater is a stunning blue lagoon, an amazing sight every time round!

Economy of Nicaragua :
Nicaragua is a small country located in Central America that is known for its diverse economy and its strong agricultural sector. The country is also one of the poorest in the region, with its GDP per capita amounting to only US$2,318 in 2019. Despite this, Nicaragua has made great strides in recent years in terms of economic growth, with the World Bank reporting a steady rise in the country’s GDP over the past decade.

Agriculture is the main driver of Nicaragua’s economy and accounts for roughly 20% of the country’s GDP. Nicaragua produces a wide variety of crops, including coffee, bananas, sugar, tobacco, and corn. In addition to this, the country is also known for its livestock production, which includes beef, pork, poultry, and dairy products. The country’s agricultural sector is bolstered by its vast natural resources, including tropical forests, mountains, and Pacific and Caribbean coastlines.

Nicaragua’s manufacturing sector is another major contributor to the country’s economy, accounting for around 15% of the country’s GDP. The manufacturing industry is mainly focused on the production of textiles, chemicals, and food products. In recent years, the government has taken steps to attract foreign investment in the sector to help boost economic growth.

The country’s tourism and service sectors are also important drivers of the economy, accounting for roughly 10% of the GDP. Tourism has become increasingly important in recent years, with Nicaragua becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America. The country’s main attractions include its beaches, colonial architecture, and national parks.

Overall, the economy of Nicaragua is diverse and growing, but it continues to face challenges due to a high level of inequality and poverty. The government is working to reduce poverty through the implementation of various social programs, such as the National Solidarity Program for Poverty Reduction. With these efforts, the country is sure to continue to make progress in terms of economic growth and stability.

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