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Central America Holidays - Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic holidays
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With unspoiled golden beaches, tropical rain forests, mangroves, deserts and much more, there is much to explore and enjoy on this Caribbean island jewel. Scale waterfalls, go fishing, watch humpback whales or just relax on some of the best beaches to be found. Dominican Republic is a kaleidoscope of colours best enjoyed any time of the year. Check out all hotels and apartments in Dominican
Bavaro Beach
Bavaro Beach
Typical Dominican beach in Bavaro
Dominican Landscape
Tropical scenary of Dominican
Wonderful scenic landscapes
Playa Bibijagua Punta Cana
Playa Bibijua
All inclusive luxury
Samana Town
Samana Holidays
Colourful town streets
Santa Domingo Ruins
Santo Domingo
Ancient ruins in Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo City
Santo Domingo City
Luxury cruise ship in Santo Domingo
Unspoiled shorelines
Beautiful golden sandy beaches
Beautiful golden sandy beaches

Dominican Republic.
From its green vegetation and turquoise beaches to tropical paradises filled with colourful birds and wildlife, this island is like an artist’s pallet filled with all the colours of the rainbow in the most vivid shades, which all mix together to create the beautiful Dominican Republic.

As a tourist destination, there are endless activities to keep you busy on your holiday. It is always recommended to stay in one of the all-inclusive resorts that stretch across the area, as although the city offers plenty of activities there is not an abundance of restaurants. During the day, you will never be short of something to do, that is if you can peel yourself away from the picturesque beaches! The most popular activities include scuba diving, zip lining, and an endless list of water sports, such as paddle-boarding or parasailing. Staff at your hotel will always be able to book these excursions, but if not there are usually people on the beaches who can get this organised for you.

Punta Cana is located on the eastern-most tip of the Dominican Republic, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Famed for its white sand beaches, it is ideal for sun-seekers who want to relax surrounded by postcard stretches of turquoise sea.
Head to Punta Cana’s tropical forests and zip line over the canopy. For a change of scenery, though just as spectacular as the beaches, the lush forests in Punta Cana offer a day of fun and education for all the family. This adrenaline fuelled adventure is a favourite amongst tourists as it is not something that you get to do every day. Experienced guides accompany you throughout - a great relief as you fly over open valleys and treetops. If you do not have a head for heights then you don’t have to take on the zip line, head to The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve, which is found close to most of the main resorts in Punta Cana. The area is a subtropical forest and is dedicated to the conservation and scientific research of the forest and life within it. The park has numerous exhibits including a petting zoo, an iguana habitat and many other attractions. It also has five freshwater lagoons you can swim in.

Located close to the Punta Cana Airport, on Hispanola Island, alongside a fabulous turquoise lagoon in the Dominican Republic, Club Med Punta Cana welcomes couples and families for a stay in paradise. The resort is surrounded by coconut groves and a 600-meters stretch of beach on the Caribbean Sea and is the perfect getaway if you are looking for premium holidays in an idyllic setting.

Here you can experience a large range of land and water activities such as windsurfing, sailing and even a unique Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil, a fun circus extra, fit for the entire family. So why not let your children have fun in the water park or at the baby club while you enjoy a massage at Club Med Spa by L’Occitane or a round of golf near the resort? If you are looking for peace, harmony and well-being, Club Med Punta Cana also offers a Zen Oasis for adults

Economy of Dominican Republic:
The Dominican Republic is an emerging economy that is located in the Caribbean region. It is the largest and most populous country in the Caribbean and has a population of over 10 million people. The Dominican Republic has an economy that is largely dependent on tourism, apparel exports, and remittances from citizens living abroad.

The Dominican Republic’s economy has seen steady growth over the last decade, with a GDP growth rate of 5.3% in 2018. The country’s economy is driven by the service sector, which accounts for about 70% of the country’s GDP. Tourism is the largest contributor to the Dominican Republic’s economy, with over 5 million tourists visiting the country each year. The apparel industry is another major contributor to the Dominican Republic’s economy, accounting for nearly 20% of its total exports. Other important sectors include construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.

In recent years, the Dominican Republic has been working to diversify its economy and reduce its reliance on tourism and apparel exports. The government has made efforts to attract foreign investment and create a more business-friendly environment. It has also introduced reforms to improve the country’s infrastructure and encourage the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Dominican Republic also has an active stock exchange, which is located in Santo Domingo. The exchange is home to more than 150 listed companies and is regulated by the Dominican Republic’s Central Bank.

Despite the country’s recent economic growth, the Dominican Republic still faces many challenges. Poverty and unemployment remain high, and the country’s infrastructure is in need of improvement. The government has made efforts to address these issues, but more needs to be done in order to ensure economic development and reduce poverty.

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