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Busy Trinidad to the tranquil beauty of Tobago. These Caribbean Islands are just full of happy people, fabulous landscapes, vibrant towns and electric culture. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters to relax you with loads of shops, galleries, museums and temples to explore. Tobago has verdant rainforests and intricate coral reefs set amongst postcard white beaches. Check our top ten page for resorts in Trinidad and Tobago
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Pigeon Point Beach
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Tamarind Beach
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Trinidad and Tobago.
From the busy towns of Trinidad to the tranquil natural beauty of Tobago, these two Caribbean islands have long offered visitors the best of both worlds. Whether you're planning a romantic break for two or a family holiday with a difference, holidays in Trinidad and Tobago have something for everyone.

With its dramatic landscapes, vibrant towns and electric culture, Trinidad is a lively destination that offers visitors an authentic slice of island life. Meanwhile Tobago caters for those seeking a more traditional Caribbean holiday, with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters stretching as far as the eye can see. See the world's largest asphalt reservoir, visit art galleries, museums and temples in the capital of Port of Spain or hike through the Asa Wright Nature Centre and spot rare wildlife. Holidays in Tobago, on the other hand, are all about relaxing and enjoying the Caribbean pace of life. Visit picturesque fishing villages, explore the island's stunning interior or swim in crystal clear waters. From beaches plucked straight off a postcard to dense, verdant rainforests and intricate coral reefs, Tobago is bursting with beauty no matter where you turn. With an exciting capital city contrasting the quiet and quaint atmosphere of some of the island’s villages and hamlets, holidays in Tobago offer the perfect getaway for everyone.

Beach holidays in Trinidad and Tobago offer a huge choice, with everything from family-friendly resorts to more secluded beaches. Good surfing and popular beaches can be found along the north coast of Trinidad, while the Great Courland and Englishman's Bay areas of Tobago have quiet beaches where you can live out your Caribbean fantasies. Shoppers are well catered for on holidays in Trinidad and Tobago, with everything from calypso records to rum and bright locally crafted fabrics available in towns and villages across the islands, and even modern shopping malls catering for every taste in Port of Spain. Enjoy fresh seafood and local cuisine in the many beach bars along the coast, drink rum with the locals or head to Port of Spain where calypso music and steel bands play into the early hours.

Bacolet Bay.
Situated on the stunning Caribbean island of Tobago just five minutes away from the island’s largest town and capital – Scarborough - Bacolet Bay boasts an idyllic location in a secluded and peaceful bay. Those choosing to take their holidays to Bacolet Bay can take a winding road down to this hidden gem, which was also used as the setting for the 1960s film Swiss Family Robinson, and spend the day soaking up the warm Caribbean sunshine. Although the beach here is only 150m long – what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in scenic views and character, being an ideal spot for body boarders due to its rolling waves and soft golden sands.
Bacolet Bay is well suited to those looking for complete relaxation in a naturally picturesque environment. The area is also great for those who wish to try out water activities such as snorkeling and diving – with coral reefs at an abundance here you can expect a show of colourful marine life thriving beneath the surface including manta rays and giant turtles.

Stonehaven Bay Tobago.
Stonehaven Bay Tobago is ideal for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet while still being within easy reach of Tobago's best attractions. Climb Flagstaff Hill for views across the island, visit Scarborough's beautiful Botanical Gardens or dive and swim with fascinating marine life at Buccoo Reef National Park. Beach holidays in Stonehaven Bay are really something special, with golden sands and rolling waves that are perfect for learning to surf or body board and if you're really lucky, you'll spot rare leatherback turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs on the beach. Shoppers will find everything they need in Stonhaven Bay itself, while the shops and stalls of Scarborough are just a shot taxi ride away. In the evenings, holidays in Stonehaven Bay are all about relaxing and enjoying local cuisine and a few drinks in one of the restaurants and bars in the surrounding area. Enjoy dinner on the beach, watch breathtaking sunsets or dance the night away to traditional music

Crown Point.
With its white sand beaches, breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear waters, Crown Point is the sort of tropical paradise everybody dreams about. Choose to lounge on the beach, explore fascinating underwater worlds or discover rare flora and fauna.
Whether you want a romantic getaway for two or a fun break with family and friends, holidays in Crown Point have it all. Take a snorkeling trip to the world famous Buccoo Reef, spot rare birds and butterflies on a rainforest trek or just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Holidays in Crown Point are an unforgettable experience, with palm trees and soft white sand creating perfect sunbathing conditions. Enjoy swimming in calm, clear waters at Store Bay Beach, learn to dive at one of the many schools along the coast or soak up the sun at Pigeon Point, one of Tobago's most beautiful beaches.
Shoppers will find everything they need in Crown Point, while unique souvenirs can be picked up at one of the area's many galleries and workshops showcasing the work of local artists.In the evenings, Crown Point is all about relaxing and enjoying traditional food and music in friendly surroundings; tuck into fresh seafood, try your luck at a casino or join the locals for music and dancing into the early hours – from relaxed beach bars to the lively 'Sunday School' party at nearby Buccoo.

Great Courland.
Whether you're looking for a romantic break or a fun getaway with family and friends, holidays in Great Courland Bay have something for everyone.
With its long sandy beaches, modern marina and proximity to some of Tobago's best attractions, Great Courland Bay is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy great facilities without joining the crowds at the busier resorts.
Despite boasting some of the island's best beaches, many parts of Great Courland Bay remain relatively unspoiled, making it the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. Holidays in Great Courland Bay are all about doing as little or as much as you like; climb Fort Bennett to admire the breathtaking views, explore Tobago's second largest town at Plymouth or just relax and enjoy the endless stretches of white sand.

Holidays in Great Courland Bay provide the perfect mix of action and relaxation; try your hand at a huge choice of water sports, take a trip out to some of the world-class dive spots around the bay or spot rare leatherback turtles at Turtle Beach. Shoppers will find everything they need in Great Courland Bay, with the shops and stalls of Plymouth offer the chance to stock up on souvenirs, local produce and crafts.
When the sun goes down, Great Courland Bay provides the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere; tuck into Creole and Caribbean cuisine at one of the area's restaurants, watch breathtaking sunsets from a beach bar or relax to the strains of dance hall and social music.With all this plus a year round tropical climate, Great Courland Bay is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a holiday in the sun.

Economy of Trinidad and Tobago:
The economy of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean, due to its oil and natural gas wealth. It is the wealthiest nation in the region, with a GDP per capita of $22,622. The country has a strong economy, driven by its energy sector and tourism.

The energy sector is the main pillar of the economy, accounting for around 40% of GDP, 95% of exports and 80% of government revenue. The sector is dominated by oil and gas production, with oil and gas reserves estimated at around 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Trinidad and Tobago is the leading oil producer in the Caribbean and the fifth largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world.

The tourism sector is the second largest contributor to the economy, accounting for around 11% of GDP. The country is a popular tourist destination, with its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, unique culture, fascinating historical sites and vibrant nightlife. The country is also home to the world’s largest carnival, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

The country’s manufacturing sector also contributes significantly to the economy, accounting for around 9% of GDP. The sector is mainly focused on food processing, metal fabrication, and oil and gas equipment. The country is also home to a vibrant financial services sector, which accounts for around 6% of GDP.

The economy of Trinidad and Tobago has seen steady growth over the last few years, due to increased investments in the energy sector and increased tourism. The country has also benefited from strong economic ties with the United States and other countries in the region. The outlook for the economy is positive, with the government taking steps to diversify the economy, attract foreign investment and promote sustainable development.

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