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15 Reasons To Love Summer.

Aaah Summer! The weather is wonderful. Family and friends come together for memorable outdoor activities.
Vacations start! You can take in your town's local attractions, or jet set to exotic locations with family and friends.
There are numerous reasons to celebrate Summer; here are 15...
1. In the summer you can spend more time with your kids. Summer school closures give everyone more time to bond and play!
2. You can spend more time outside with your pets.
3. The weather is warm enough for family hikes.
4. You can go on lots of long bike rides with friends
5. Fishing trips go hand in hand with Summer. Go with family. Go with just your buddies.
6. Engage in competitive or fun outdoor sports activities such as tennis, golf, badminton, ping pong, water sports.
7. Time to enjoy water parks and Frisbee in the park with the kids.
8. Great time to take kids, young and old to visit the zoo.
9. Take a trip to a local farms or Farmer's Markets for some fresh, local fruits.
10. Take yourself and your family to a Summer carnival. Face painting is great for 'kids' of all ages.
11. Find a shady set of trees or any anchor and tie up a double-sized hammock. Park yourself in it and take the time to read a good book.
12. Have a long, leisurely breakfast on your porch.
13. When was the last time you were on a calm lake in a canoe? Take a small boat or canoe and paddle around for a few hours. Great time for conversation if you take a friend. And a great way to take in and appreciate nature.
14. Camping is a great way to enjoy the Summer. Whether you really rough it in a tent away from amenities, or at a camp ground where all the amenities are right at your fingertips. Camping with friends and family is a great way to get away during the hot Summer months.
15. Last but not least, since you have some time off... why not get the family together and go on an exciting family vacation to either Disneyland's or Disney World's Theme Park; or to an exotic location.
These types of trips are always memorable for the whole family, and if you can find a way to do it on a deep discount budget, then you can enjoy yourself even more, knowing you won't have to pay it off when you get back!
It is always great to make Summer about family, fun and frolic. Time is so precious and your most valued memories of those hot Summer months will be from the times you spent with those you love the most.