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3 Reasons To Book The Irish Riviera Now.

The "Irish Riviera" is the name given to the sunny south coast of Ireland, where small towns nestle next door to each other along a beautiful coastline with sandy beaches, welcoming people and fantastic food. Within easy reach of visitors arriving by air or sea, it's the perfect holiday destination for those who want to experience a true taste of Ireland.

If you've never been to the Irish Riviera, but the idea of sea, scenery and seafood appeals to you, then here are 3 great reasons why you should book now:

1. The towns
The Irish Riviera is a collection of towns of various sizes, serving a range of local and tourist communities. From Waterford in the north, where the famous crystal is designed and produced, to the popular town of Kinsale in the south, which host a large arts community and some of the best restaurants in Ireland, you can find a coastal or inland town that makes you feel welcome. Set in an area of considerable historical and cultural interest, the towns of the Irish Riviera alone make it a great holiday destination.

2. The attractions
The main attraction of the Irish Riviera is clear: its coastline. With beautiful beaches, sheltered coves and working fishing ports, this part of the Irish coast has something to offer anyone who loves the sea. Youghal, the town at the centre of the Irish Riviera region, has two blue-flag beaches, and other areas offer sheltered bathing, rock-pool fun and excellent wildlife watching. It's not just the beaches that bring people to this part of Ireland, though. Music, literature and crafts are an important attraction, with festivals and on-going entertainments keeping visitors occupied all year round. There's plenty of sport available too, including golf, water sports and the famous Irish horse racing calendar.

3. The accommodation
Whatever type of holiday accommodation you prefer, you can find it on the Irish Riviera. From hotels for those who like to be pampered, to friendly bed and breakfast rooms for those on the move, accommodation is of a high standard and a reasonable cost. Try a self catering cottage just yards from the beach for a perfectly independent, yet truly memorable holiday experience.