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3 Essential Things To Take On A Caravan Holiday

If you're planning to stay in a static caravan for your next holiday, you'll need to make sure you're prepared. Today's caravans are luxurious, comfortable and warm, and caravan parks occupy some of the best coastal locations in the country. Plan ahead, and you'll enjoy a fabulous holiday.

Fewer clothes than you think!
It's a well-recognised fact that we usually over-pack for our holidays, and this is especially true in the UK where, no matter what time of year we travel, we like to be prepared for a wide variety of weather. Static caravans boast much more storage than they used to, but if you want to make sure that there's a place for everything, then pack with caution. Most caravan parks have an on-site laundry, so you don't need to pack two outfits for each day - you can simply wash the clothes and use them again. This is particularly true for younger children, who are liable to be covered in sand or grass stains not long after breakfast!

Buckets and spades
If your caravan holiday is going to be near the beach, then be sure to take plenty of beach equipment with you. Good caravan parks are often right on the edge of the beach, which means you can take the kids down for an hour at the beginning or end of the day, or spend all day sunbathing. However you choose to use the beach, you'll need all the right equipment - and anything you can't fit in the car will probably be available at the on-site shop. Many static caravans also have an additional, outdoor storage space so that all those sandy things don't have to come inside.

A good book
A lot of people say that their annual holiday is the time when they catch up on their reading, and the best thing about a good book or a stack of magazines is that you can read them at any time. If the weather's sunny, take them down to the beach and relax on the sand, or sit outside your caravan so that the cold drinks are on tap. If you have a bad-weather day, then sit in the comfort of your caravan with a cup of tea and make the most of some enforced quiet time.

Of course, you'll need to take much more than these three items when you go on your caravan holiday, but put them at the top of your packing list!