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From the Zika virus to Bananas - some interesting news & facts about travel in Jamaica & Caribbean

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Interesting Jamaican facts:-
James Bond. On the shores of Ocho Rios James Bond was born! Ian Flemming lived in Jamaica when he penned the famous 14 James Bond novels. Jamaica is still home Golden Eye Hotel and Resort which began as the luxurious home of Ian Flemming. The novels have inspired 23 James Bond Films, one even with the hotel name sake Goldeneye from 1995!

Coffee. When you think of Jamaica you think sand and beaches, but many may not think coffee. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most sort after and expensive coffees on the market.

What Rastafarian? Think dreadlocks? Think Jamaica? When people think about Jamaica they think about the popular dreadlock style. But, only 2 percent of the Rastafarian population in the world live in Jamaica!

Jamaicans are very religious people. Jamaica has the most churches per capita in the world. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Jamaica has over 1,600 churches.

Jamaica's indigenous people, the Arawaks cultivated corn and yams. The crops we know today like sugar cane, coconut, breadfruit, bamboo, bananas and mangoes and not native to Jamaica. The popular crops were imported at different times in Jamaica's rich history.

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