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Xmas river cruise in Sweden
In Sweden Christmas lasts nearly two months from the first Sunday in December. Its well worth being there during Advent which is a high point on The Feast of St. Lucy on the 13th and expect festivities to continue until the 13th of January. Stockholm is full of lights and festivities with Xmas markets popping up everywhere. Read our brief guide below and have a look at our top hotels for the festive season in Sweden here....

Sweden: Introduction
The Scandinavian country of Sweden is a land of contrasts, mainly due to its geography. Stretching up into the Arctic Circle, the north is entirely different to the south, but visitors will be able to find the area that best suits their interest no problem. Book flights to Sweden and soak up the nations culture, dine on its delicious fresh food and feast upon the incredible scenery on offer.
From its inland lakes to boreal forests and coastal islands to snowcapped mountains, it's safe to say that the number one reason for visiting Sweden is its landscape. Despite the call of the great outdoors, western Europe's third biggest nation also serves up some fantastic cities. From its capital, Stockholm, which is built on 14 islands, to the leafy seaport of Gothenburg, there's plenty to explore.
Throughout Sweden there is plenty to enjoy, but among the things not to be missed are:

Stockholm: Introduction.
The capital of Sweden is a collection of 14 islands, connected by no fewer than 57 bridges. Despite this, it is easy to navigate and is jam-packed with interesting sights, history, a vibrant Nordic culture and delicious food. Book flights to Stockholm to discover it for yourself.
Why choose Stockholm?

Managing to effortlessly combine its traditions with contemporary style and design, visitors to Stockholm will soon find themselves charmed. Each of its neighbourhoods has its own character and it is a delight to explore them all. The museums and attractions have been well thought out and leave travelers with a better understanding of what Swedish culture is all about.

Gamla Stan.
As one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Europe, Gamla Stan has to be seen to be believed. Dating back to 1252, it is a maze of cobbled streets and architecture shrouded in every shade of gold imaginable.

This open air museum is like no other and has been depicting rural life in Sweden prior to the industrial era since 1891. Interact with 500 years of the country's history, all brought to life by characters dressed in authentic costumes from each period.

Malmo Art Museum.
Another institution with a long history is the Malmo Art Museum, which was founded in 1841 and moved to its current building, the Malmo Castle, in 1937. Some 40,000 artworks spanning the period from the 16th century to the present day can be found inside.

Top Sweden districts.
The terrain of Sweden can be split into sections, making it easier to explore one particular area fully during your stay. Here are some of the options: Southeast Sweden Visitors to the southeast of Sweden will be rewarded with some extraordinary sights. It's like walking into the setting for a fairytale, as castles rise out of the landscape, idyllic ancient sites can be found by tranquil lakes and immaculately preserved medieval towns are waiting to be discovered. Southwest Sweden Stretching from Gothenburg south, this part of Sweden was the frontier against wars with the Danish between the 13th and 17th centuries. Remnants of this history can still be seen in the fortresses left over from medieval times. Also expect fishing ports, sandy beaches and plenty of trains for getting around.

The surrounding area.
Head north to the land of the Sami people for an entirely different experience of Sweden. The northern region of the country offers a greater chance of spotting the Northern Lights, as well as winter activities, such as dog sledding or staying in an ice hotel.

Our top 3 tips.
Tap water is so clean and delicious in Sweden it's better for you and the environment to pass the bottled alternative and drink straight from the tap.

If you like to get on your bike, then this is a great way to explore in Sweden, as the country is well-equipped with an extensive network of cycle paths.

The Swedish are nearly as passionate about queuing as the Brits, but without taking a ticket, your place in line at shops, transport offices and information desks is not secure.

Airport information.
Flying into Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) puts you within easy reach of the city, which is just 23 miles away. It is the larger of the two Stockholm airports and boasts three runways. Its five terminals are well-equipped with amenities and Terminals 2 and 5 are used for international flights.

Economy of Sweden:
The economy of Sweden is one of the most advanced and prosperous in the world. Its high-tech and knowledge-based economy is heavily reliant on exports, in particular telecommunications, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and machinery. The country is one of the world’s largest exporters of timber, iron ore, and paper products.

The service sector makes up the largest sector of the Swedish economy, accounting for around two-thirds of total GDP. Sweden is home to some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, such as Volvo, Ericsson, IKEA, and H&M.

Sweden is a member of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). As such, it is part of the European single market, allowing goods, services, and capital to flow freely between member countries.

Sweden has a highly developed welfare state, with generous social benefits and programs. The government provides free health care and education to all citizens, and is committed to reducing poverty and inequality. Sweden has a low unemployment rate, currently around 6%, and an above-average GDP per capita.

Sweden is a leader in the development of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power. It is also a major producer of biofuels, and has invested heavily in green technology.

Sweden is a wealthy and prosperous country, with a strong and diversified economy. It is well-positioned to remain a leader in the global economy in the years to come.

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