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Top Kenya Guides. Mombasa - Malindi - Nyali - Watamu
  Kenya, oh beautiful Kenya.  How my heart aches for those warm Kenyan nights and cool Mombasa beach breezes.  From Kenyan Safari's to the luxurious Kenyan beaches this is a country of beauty from the bottom to the top.  And the people of Kenya, they are like the country - good.  In this guide we hope to show you more about Kenya and the various places to see, travel and immigration and of course those glorious beaches.

Wildlife Safari

Kenya SafariKenya is the home of the safari.

The boundless wilderness and big game of this region has long attracted adventure seekers from all over the globe. No other African country can boast such an incredible range of landscapes, unique geographical features and species.

Kenya offers the visitor a chance to experience a natural world unchanged by the passage of time. The Kenyan wilderness is Wild dog in kenyahome to an endless array of ecosystems, the staging ground for natural cycles of life, death and regeneration as old as the planet itself.

This great range of natural habitats means that there is plenty to explore, and plenty of species to encounter.

This is a land of endless potential for the wildlife enthusiast. From great migratory herds of the open savannah to an incredible abundance of birdlife, from the depths of a tropical rainforest to the depths of the Indian Ocean teeming with fish, this a world of natural wonders.

A safari into the wilds of Kenya is a journey into nature at its purest. Everywhere you look there is a profusion of life…

Take a Wildlife safari through Kenya’s....
Wilderness Follow the mighty herds or track the great predators through pure, unspoilt wilderness…
Coast Dive into a world of undersea wonder or step back from the beach and discover a hidden paradise of coastal forests…
Forests Trek into forests alive with wildlife, from the treetops to the forest floor…
Mountains In these high wild regions, the forests offer sanctuary for big game, and the thermal currents offer birdlife freedom to fly…
Lakes From flocks of flamingo to hippo hideaways, each of the Rift Valley lakes is a unique natural world…
Deserts The Northern Frontier of Kenya is a place of vast, unspoilt wilderness...
Cities Where else in the world can you find lions, rhino, and more living free and wild within sight of a city skyline?
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