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Exclusive and luxury holiday destinations in Africa.

Africa: With so many wondrous country's in Africa to visit from beautiful sandy coasts to tropical parks to safari, tourism to this continent is constantly increasing. For the top locations check out our resorts and reviews below.

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When you think of Africa, Kenya and Safari's immediately springs to mind. But there's a whole lot more like Tanzania, Gambia, Mauritius, Namibia, Senegal, Angola, Zambia, Uganda to name a few. While in the North there's Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt and of course in the southern tips, South Africa. So whatever your desire, there's always a place in Africa for holidays. As out travel team review more destinations we shall add them here. So check back often for updates on new destinations and resorts.

This vast continent covers approximately twenty percent of the land area on our planet and home to about 1.5 billion people and thousands of species of wildlife. It also has the Sahara being the biggest desert in the world and the River Nile the longest river in the world, at over 4200 miles long and the planets most spectacular waterfall, Victoria Falls. With Tropical beaches, Vibrant towns and multitude of cultures and tribes, Africa is a haven for beach lovers and explorers alike. One of our favourite places is Mauritius and Ghana as its possibly the friendliest and safest destination in Africa and makes a great holiday experience. Our least popular destinations are Libya, Mali, Somalia, Burundi and Sudan due to gangs, violence, crime, kidnaps and general unrest.

But for the ever popular Safari's, if your looking to blend fabulous sandy beach resorts and Safari then Kenya is tops. If its just the Safari adventure and sheer diversity of tropical wildlife, then Uganda is the place.

Africa is a land of numerous contrasts, where on hand it has retained its natural impact, there is also a gradual relocation towards modernization. For that reason, African holidays are not only natural reserves and tribal life. Africa has enthralled tourists and literature since time immemorial. Calm environment broken sometimes by the roar of lions, nature and tourists walk hand in hand here. There are some truly amazing places to check out in Africa.

The tones of red and orange tropical foliage will leave you spell bound on your Journey. An Africa trip will leave your refreshed and astounded. Vacation packages likewise include a great deal of the regional cuisines, something to entice your palate and fill your soul. These travel plans are for that reason a soul stirring, enhancing experience for every single tourist.

A large number of travel plans include the continent's most well-known destinations that are a must-visit for every single traveler and have a history of attracting them in large numbers.

Africa offers great deals of options of activities to its visitors. The desert safari journeys are very popular nowdays among those visitors who are looking for inspiration and brand-new experiences. Indulging in a camel safari as the temperatures dip in the desert or close up to a pride of lions can become a memorable experience remaining etched in your memory for the rest of your life. For those planning a trip to the desert, spring and autumn months serve as the very best time to visit.