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Cape Verde guide to holidays

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Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten islands the largest being Santiago and home to the capital of Cape Verde Praia. Though with miles of wonderful beaches, the island of Sal is very popular with beach lovers as is Boa Vista with its endless pristine beaches. Read below our brief reviews of the best islands or visit our top bargain resorts in Cape Verde HERE...
Cape Verde coast and beaches

Holidays in Cape Verde.
Like diamonds cast into the Atlantic, Cape Verde comprises of ten unique islands lying off the west coast of Africa. A little further south than the Canary Islands, these volcanic islands with year round sun, have been dubbed ‘the African Caribbean’ with their stunning sandy beaches, dramatic surf, tropical birds and enchanting sea life.
Cape Verde was first discovered in 1456 by the Portuguese and was a colony until 1975 when independence was achieved. This mix of Portuguese and west African is evident everywhere from the wonderful mixtures of cuisine to the villages and towns in their style. The people are also a mixture of cultures and very friendly.
Tourism is the main source of income for the country and the 2020 / early 2022 period was devastating for the country. However with possibly the most and best beaches in the world, a wonderful climate, fabulous hotel resorts and friendly laid back society, Cape Verde is still in our top 5 of beach loving holiday destinations.

Boa Vista.
With over 40 miles of pristine golden sandy beaches and dunes which slope gently into the warm waters, Boa Vista is another beach lovers paradise. The quite, relaxed laid back atmosphere and lush resorts will certainly rejuvenate you. Its certainly a great island for a romantic getaway or simply to recharge your batteries while sipping a drink gazing over the warm azure water. Though there's no shortage of water activities for the more active.

Sal is favourite for beach loving holidaymaker's with the main resort area being Santa Maria. Here is where most of the resorts are along endless golden sand beaches stretching for miles.

A volcano island with a 2800m Pico do Fogo mountain dominating the island. Perfect for some trekking then relaxing in the many cafes and tavernas. Salinas is a naturally formed volcanic cove with a black sand beach and the island is famous for its coffee and wine which grows abundantly on the rich volcanic soil.

São Vicente.
Tropical plantations. glistening white sand beaches with rugged mountains as a back drop make São Vicente a beautiful island. Go trekking up Monte Verde for awe inspiring views or just relax on Mindelo's amazing Laginha Beach. Not forgetting the famous February carnival when the town explodes in non stop celebrations, colours and music.

Many visitors go island hoping on the frequent 15 to 40 minute journey by plane that fly between all the islands. Covering the islands of Sao Vicente, Sao Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, Fogo and of course Santiago. There's also many boat rides either just cruising or visiting remote islands.

Cape Verde is best for:-
Couples: Enjoy long, romantic walks along Santa Maria’s golden shoreline and the unspoiled white beaches of Boa Vista.
Party-goers: Eat, drink and dance with the locals during carnival time in February.
Animal lovers: Catch a glimpse of nesting loggerhead turtles and humpback whales.

Best time to visit Cape Verde:
Cape Verde’s tropical climate means the sun rarely stops shining, and temperatures average between 24 and 30 (°C) all year. Winds from the Atlantic Ocean keep the islands from getting too humid at the height of summer. Rare bouts of rain occur from August to October, so spring is best for uninterrupted heat and sunshine.

Getting around:
By mini-bus: Shared mini-buses known as ‘aluguers’ are a great way to take in some of the most popular spots in Cape Verde without breaking the bank. You can flag them down in the street and get off at any point.
By taxi: Taxis in Cape Verde are easy to identify –they’re light blue with a yellow stripe along the side. Know that prices can change depending on the time of day.
By plane: There are regular flights between the islands.

Carnival: Taking place in February, Sao Vincente’s Mindelo Carnival is one of Cape Verde’s biggest annual events. Locals dance through the town’s cobbled streets, dressed head to toe in shimmering sequins and brightly coloured feathers. Pounding samba rhythms fill the air as thousands of visitors join in with the festivities.

Live Music:
If the idea of lying on the beach while listening to live music is your idea of heaven, then you won’t want to miss the Festival de Musica da Baia das Gatas in August. Jazz, Latin, reggae and traditional Cape Verdean bands take to the stage, with festival-goers dancing on the beach until the small hours. São Vicente is the island of music with the capital Mindelo being where it's at. Considered the music hub of Cape Verde, Sao Vicente is home to musicians, artists and writers and the bars, eateries and night clubs throb with music.

Cape Verde economy:
Cape Verde is a small island nation located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. The economy of Cape Verde is largely reliant on its industry, exports, and tourism. It is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa and has seen steady economic growth over the past 30 years.

The industry of Cape Verde is mainly composed of small businesses and manufacturing. The most important sectors of the economy are tourism, fisheries, and textiles. The country also has a growing market for exports including fish, vegetables, and coffee. These exports account for a large portion of the country’s GDP.

The tourism industry is one of the most important sources of income for Cape Verde. The country has beautiful beaches, warm climate, and a rich cultural heritage. Tourists often come to the island to explore its unique history and enjoy its natural beauty. The country has also seen an increase in foreign investment and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa.

Exports are another major contributor to the economy of Cape Verde. The most important exports are fish, textiles, and other agricultural products. The country has also seen success in the export of furniture, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. These exports have helped to create jobs and increase the country’s GDP.

Cape Verde is an important country in the global economy. Its industry, exports, and tourism have all helped to create jobs and improve the country’s economic stability. The future of the country is bright and its people continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

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