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The Exclusive Travel guide to Covid free countries
Guide to safe Covid free countries to holiday in when eventually travel is allowed
Updated 20th March 2021

Countries with low initial and no recent Covid cases and considered completely safe to visit.
Note: It is still illegal to travel abroad for holidays from the UK. For latest Government news

British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Marshall Islands
Saint Kitts & Nevis
Solomon Islands
St Martin
St Vincent Grenadines

Countries with only the odd one or less than 10 new daily cases.

Channel Islands
New Zealand
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos

Most other popular tourists countries still have new daily cases into the thousands and some with daily deaths in hundreds like Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, USA, Indonesia, UAE and many other countries.

Several Europen countries are bringing back internal border controls to prevent COVID-19 or variants being imported from outside.
All this will no doubt change over the forthcoming weeks and months and we all hope that more countries are declared safe for travel and holiday's by June /July. That will depend upon UK and global infections becoming much lower than present and the danger posed by new contagious virus variants which may have resilience to present vaccines. Tourism and travel is in a very fluid situation which can change weekly and sometimes daily, though hopefully we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and all enjoy a fabulous holiday later in the year.
We shall be updating this page regularly with world and travel updates. For complete global Corona Virus data country by country and day by day see World Meters A brilliant world data source for everything and updated with latest accurate figures sometimes by the second or in the case of Covid related cases, on a daily basis using raw data supplied by world governments, health centres, WHO and other global resources.
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