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The must visit top adventures, exploring and thrills in Wales.

Family days out and things to do in Wales.
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If you love holidaying with your pets - see our new Dog Friendly holiday rentals. There are countless other great places to visit, explore and enjoy. Such as taking the Cardiff Boat Tour, hour long 'Zorb' football games, Gravel bike rides, falconry centre, adventure days and plenty day tours to great destinations. To find out more about the country of Wales see our 'Wales at a Glance' page.

Visit the Welsh Tourist site for everything you need to know about Wales

OakWood Theme Park has a lot to offer for a family day out. From wild rides for thrill seekers to family adventure and a whole lot more. A fun packed theme park to suit all ages and thrills. (See our brand new Oakwood Theme Park page)

Folly Farm is a Zoo, town farm, fairground and play area. Lions, Rhino's, Penguin's and Giraffe's are just some of over 90 different species can be seen up close in the zoo. There's aviaries, zebras, ostriches, Bactrian camels, bongos, lemurs, meerkats, tapirs, Barbary macaques, squirrel monkeys, snakes, tortoises, macaws, armadillos, sloth's. The list just goes on and on. At the farm there's loads of friendly animals to get up close to from owls, dwarf ponies, shire horses, donkeys, sheep, pigs and goats. Hop aboard the tractor land train for an excursion around the extensive acreage. Then there's the fairground with all the fairground rides, dodgems and giant big wheel.

Llechwedd Caverns Trampoline Park.
Descend into an old slate mine to a subterranean playground.The old Llechwedd Caverns has been converted into a giant underground 'bounce' park. Bounce from level to level on over 10,000 square feet of bouncy trampoline nets up to 180 feet above ground level. Go deep into the caves with slides, tunnels and spiral staircases. A remarkable experience you wont forget.

Worm's Head Tidal Island
Dating back to Viking days, this inspiring outcrop is connected to the mainland by a 600 meter causeway that is only accessible at low tide. With caves and blowholes this jagged snaking serpentine shaped has attracted thousands of adventure explorers over the years. Quite a scary place and over the years ancient bones and stone tools have been found.

Portmeirion Village
This world famous miniature village was created by the property owner who converted a dilapidated wasteland into this beautifully ornate fantasy Italianate miniature village which was the location for the TV cult series 'The Prisoner'. There is overnight accommodation in some of the houses or the Castle hotel itself.

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