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Exclusive Holidays in Converted Lighthouse

Exclusive Lighthouse Holidays. Experience a unique holiday in one of the UK's Lighthouses.
We have selected the best lighthouse keepers holiday cottages across Great Britain and are pleased to list them here covering - Norfolk, Devon, Kent, Isle of Wight, Dorset and Cornwall. One, two and three bedroom accommodation making for an wonderful experience. Explore the wonderful scenery or spend a relaxing time gazing across the sea while enjoying all the creature comfort these lovely quaint lighthouse keepers cottages have to offer.
If you love holidaying with your pets - see our new Dog Friendly holiday rentals.
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  • sally-port-cottage-cornwall
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Lighthouse Location Holiday houses.
If you have never experienced the awe and wonder of staying in a lighthouse keepers cottage / house, then you have missed out on a great experience. Of the dozens of obsolete lighthouses around the UK coastline, most have been modernised and renovated by Trinity House, while others have been bought privately. And these are now available for holiday bookings.
Most of these are in quite remote coastal locations though a few are in proximity to small seaside towns. While some are very private there are lighthouse cottages that have been extended to allow more that one holiday property.
Having stayed in a lighthouse keepers cottage at a remote tip of the country, I can vouch for the experience as over the week we had mostly beautiful sunny days but a couple of extremely rough days where the waves would crash against the cliffs so loudly, the ground shook like an earthquake, while the spray reached the lighthouse height. The sheer feeling of excitement from the seas power and the rolling wild countryside created an awe inspiring feeling I will always look back on.
Our travel team are constantly researching new light house locations and featuring the best of the best here on our site to offer our visitors the opportunity of finding the perfect holiday solution.
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