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Luxury holiday properties that are Disability and Dog friendly

Disability & Dog friendly luxury holiday properties.
We are often asked about luxury holiday properties that have disability access for either family or group holidays. Many have also enquired whether a dog is allowed. We have pleasure in providing details on the most luxurious holiday properties in the UK that are both disability and pet friendly. Having searched over a thousand properties we offer a top selection of luxury rental properties ranging from one to eight bedroom in ideal locations and beautiful surroundings. Each one with a hot tub or Jacuzzi and even a couple with indoor heated pool. Whether searching for a seaside rental with awesome views or a country property surrounded by inspiring countryside, we hope you can find your ideal disability friendly holiday in the UK. Click any image below to see bigger photo or HERE to see them all
A small example of exclusive luxury disability access holiday properties in UK SEE MORE HERE

While seaside caravan or lodge camps and promenade hotels have been the main resource for those needing disability access while on holiday, the past two decades has seen a vast increase of private owners of holiday property embracing the needs of those with disabilities.
Prior to 2019, tourism was worth over £66 billion a year to the UK economy. In England alone £15 billion of that was spent by those traveling with at least one member having a disability. Of that money the biggest majority was 'day spending' at over £11 billion, while overnight accommodation accounted for £4 billion.
In analysing average spend of those with special needs, it was interesting to note their overall spending in all sectors was significantly higher than other travelers by about 15%, making it even more important for private owners renting out their home for holidays to pay greater attention to the needs of this vertical travel sector. As there is a clear business case for ensuring that disabled people's needs are catered for.
Apart from families where a member needs good access around at least the main rooms and outside areas, there are often groups of friends where one or more members may have access needs. So a larger property is required with good ground floor access to main areas.
Our choice of disability friendly luxury holiday rentals include the added touches of a hut tub / Jacuzzi or even an indoor pool and range from spacious two bedroom holiday properties to eight or more bedrooms for larger families or groups. Additionally, all the owners of our holiday properties allow your family dog.

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