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Shopping in Mauritius - What to expect
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Shopping in Mauritius
Wander down beautifully paved streets full of colour, stalls and shops or take a cab to one of the many Malls and shopping centres. Top brands mixed with local crafts and shops. Shopping in Mauritius has a lot to offer.

Shopping is more than just an interesting experience in Mauritius. It is a journey in time and space of the civilisation and cultures that have come across its history. Find, everything from duty-free shops to markets, the pleasure of doing some shopping in Mauritius.

Shopping in Mauritius is more than just an interesting experience. It is a journey in time and space of the civilisation and cultures that have come across its history. The sculptures and drums of Africans origin, colourful sarees or tailor-made suit, is a proof of this diversity. Traditional Mauritian Arts and Crafts products and the best-branded luxury goods can be found in a number of shopping centres/arcades in all the towns and beach resorts. There are also a number of duty free shops, which offers very attractive prices. Last but not least are the traditional and colourful markets where you can really experience the Mauritian way of life and practice the national sport, bargaining !

Duty-Free Shops
How about designer clothes or perfumes at discount prices? This is a reality with the duty-free shops in the island. You can find all sorts of best-branded luxury goods at duty-free prices. There are also jewellery shops and consumer electronics appliances that can be bought in shops offering those discounts. The payment can be made in foreign currencies or the Mauritian Rupee and a passport and return ticket are also required for the purchase. The goods will be delivered at the airport on departure.

Nowhere can you better feel the heart and soul of Mauritius than in its markets. It offers besides the shopping of unique products to blend into the population's customs and habits. To live whole new sensations, of colours, scent, which combine to form the uniqueness of this diversity. No places best describes this than Port Louis market at the centre of the capital. Stall of colourful tropical fruits and vegetables are found side by side with medicinal plants and spices. You can also find clothes and a special arts and crafts section. Another very popular market is the one at Quatre Bornes, it is held on every Thursdays and Sundays. It is specialised in textile products that are sold at very attractive prices. Every major city and big village has its own markets that are held during specified days somehow. Grand Bay also has its own market nowadays and you can find product, from "paréos" to souvenirs.

Shopping centres/arcades
There are a number of shopping centres/arcades in all the towns and some big villages of Mauritius. Most of them provide a number of shops that will cater for most needs where you can buy clothes, fabrics, jewellery, books and other products, sometimes at duty-free prices. There are also others like the Caudan & Port Louis Waterfront, which offer all sorts of leisure facilities. You can find a number of bars, restaurants, cinemas and a casino side by side with Duty Free and Art and Craft shops. Other towns like Quatre Bornes and Curepipe also have shopping centres where you can find a variety of product under one roof. Grand Bay also has many arcades with product especially for the tourist.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts shops in Mauritius are located mostly in towns, in the market place. But there are other places where they are displayed. In all the markets, you'll come across a section where baskets, hats, shells or corals are sold. Shops can also be found in shopping areas and near beach resorts. Le Caudan Waterfront Arts and Crafts Market offers a wide variety of products like model ships, sculptures, paintings, baskets, hats, etc. Another market has recently opened next to the Mahébourg Museum. Like everywhere else in Mauritius, bargaining over the prices is quite useful.

In the Arts and crafts domain, Mauritius has made itself a reputation in the building of model ships. These miniature wonders, built to scale of the original plan, have every detail reproduced to perfection. So for any would be privateer, can have his own "La Confiance" and be the next Surcouf King of Corsairs.

Mauritius has had a tradition of jewellery coming from its Indian and Arabian immigrants. These masters' craftsmen have left a legacy of quality and impeccable finish. Today, you can find this tradition of excellence in a variety of jewellery shops. Some are duty free shops where you can have very attractive prices.

Mauritius being a big producer of textiles, you will find it useful and worthy to visit the many factory shops around the island. Cashmere sweaters and cardigans can be purchased at very advantageous prices. These same products are sold all over Europe at much higher prices. And if you have a slight preference for tailored suits, a number of shops not only sell textiles and fabrics but also hand-made tailored suits delivered within 24 hours.

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