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Port Louis is a mixture of old and new Facing the Ocean and backdrops of mountains. Set in a sandy bay the city enjoys a beach front and marina location. Top brand shops mix with local ones in the busy city streets. See our brief view of Port Louis below.

Mauritius - Port Louis
Port Louis district is a popular district of Mauritius and is the largest district of the island. Port Louis is also the capital city of Mauritius. It is the most happening district of the island. The district is where most visitors prefer to go and stay. All the big organizations have got their head offices in this district. Port Louis is a beautiful district where one can get mixed races and cultures. The district houses some spectacular tourist destinations. The district has 1,50,000 people. Port Louis is a very important port city of the Indian Ocean
Port Louis has wonderful mountain ranges. Tourists can never get bored of Port Louis as there are plenty of tourist attractions in the district. Discovering Port Louis can be interesting as the city will give you an enriching cultural experience. The city is also popular for Chinatown where one can experience Chinese culture and their cuisines. The fascinating atmosphere of Chinatown will make you feel as if you are in China.

Shopping in Port Louis district is very interesting as the country is totally duty-free. There are many shopping malls and street side shops where one can shop for all their favorite things in reasonable price. Shopping Mall in Port Louis reflect the ethnic diversity of Mauritius where one can do some good bargains. The most popular place in Port Louis to shop is Port Louis Central Bazaar where tourists can shop for Mauritian handicrafts, antiques and other things.

Port Louis has plenty of things for adventurous tourist. Mt. Limon and Mt. Malartic offer wonderful opportunity for hiking and trekking.
caving through the Caverne Patate, diving at Rodrigues, surfing at Tamarin and moving around the Port Louis district are other options to have a wonderful holiday in Port Louis district. Port Louis district also houses some wonderful hotels for tourist to stay.

The central market
The central market is a honeypot for tourists in the capital. After a fire some years ago the market was fully renovated and today it attracts visitors and Mauritian's to the same extend. A colourful sight: fruits and vegetables pile up in large pyramids, salesmen court the customer’s attention, people merchandise in all languages of the island. In a second market building you will find mainly souvenirs, such as t-shirts, beach towels or baskets made of bast.

Caudan Waterfront
Since 1998 Caudan Waterfront is one of the tourist highlights in Port Louis. In the amusement centre you will find numerous shops, restaurants, a five-star-hotel and a casino. Thus Caudan Waterfront invites for shopping, dining or a promenade. At the dock the visitor can take a look at the splendid yachts or even go on a harbour cruise from here.

Blue Penny Museum
In the year 2001 the Blue Penny Museum opened up in Caudan Waterfront. It commits itself to the history of the famous Post Office stamp.

Post Museum
Close to the harbour one can find the post museum. Here the visitor can take a look at replicas of the famous Post Office stamp. Furthermore, he will find other stamps, postboxes, postmarks and franking machines.

Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Natural History is to be found in a pretty yellow colonial villa next to the park Jardin de la Compagnie. Since 1831 exhibits of all fields of natural science are collected there. The star of the exhibition is the dodo, the heraldic animal of Mauritius. The ratite bird was eradicated during the 17th century by Dutch settlers. His skeleton can be visited in the museum. Furthermore, the visitor can take a look at birds, corals, shells, butterflies and other animals which are to be found on the island.

Fort Adelaide
Fort Adelaide offers a wonderful panoramic view over the capital. The fortress was built by the British in 1840. Today it is a popular spot for open-air concerts.

Champs de Mars
Horseracing is a sport that elates great parts of the Mauritian population. During the weekends up to 20,000 visitors crowd on the race-course and try to make the big money while betting. The holidaymaker in Mauritius shouldn’t miss out this spectacle. Furthermore, Champs de Mars is the oldest race-course in the southern hemisphere and even the second oldest of the world after Turkey.

Thien Thane Pagode
The octagonal Chinese pagoda offers a picturesque view. In its interior splendid red and golden decoration and thick clouds of incense await the visitor. On the altars the believers deliver oblations to their gods and their ancestors.

The Jummah-Mosque transfers a bit of the world of Thousand and one-Nights to Mauritius’ capital. In the magnificent white building with its decorated towers the believers come together five times per day to do their prayers.

All around the street Rue Dr. Sun Yat Sen the visitor will find the centre of Chinese life in Mauritius. Small shops and boutiques which offer typical Chinese goods, e.g. traditional cures, await the visitor. Asian scriptures, pictures and restaurants diffuse a touch of Asia in Port Louis.

Government House
The Government House, the most important building of the political life in Mauritius, was built by Mahé de Labourdonnais in 1740. In the court of honour a statue of the British Queen Victoria reminds of the Mauritian history and some huge flamboyant trees offer some shadow.

Municipal Theatre
The neoclassical building captivates with its architecture. The glorious times, when balls, concerts and performances took place here every night are over. Today you can visit a theatre performance if you like.

St.- Louis-Cathedral
The St.-Louis-Cathedral is one of the island’s oldest buildings. In the past the edifice was destroyed by the forces of nature several times. The present building is a reconstruction of the year 1932. Nearby the visitor will find some other impressing colonial buildings which revive the past of the city.

Worldwide Mask Museum
The Worldwide Mask Museum is a private museum, in which masks from all over the world are presented. Sometimes a colourful presentation is given, during which the masks come alive.

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