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The beaches of North Mauritius
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  • Beach at La Cuvette in Mauritius
  • La Cuvette
  • Trou Aux
  • Pereybere Beach
  • Mont Choisy
  • Grand Bay Beach
Great beaches on the northern Mauritius coastline. Grand Gaube - La Cuvette - Troux aux Biches - Mont Choisy - Cap Malheureux - Pointe aux Canonniers - Pereybere - Pointe aux Canonniers - Pointe aux Piments. See our beach guides below.

Beaches in the North of Mauritius

Grand Gaube
The small public beach of Grand Gaube provides a spectacular view of the northern islands of Mauritius: Coin de Mire, l'île Plate, l'île Ronde, and l'île au Serpent. The beach is located at a tranquil lagoon, between the two hotels 'The Legends' and 'Le Paul et Virginie', in small fishing village. The hotel owners and the government worked together to make the beach even more attractive by adding a parking lot, a comfortable, shaded promenade and other amenities. Grand Gaube is well-known for its exciting and colourful regattas.

La Cuvette
La Cuvette, a small, rock-enclosed bay with fine sand, is a very popular beach. Located between the luxurious Royal Palm Hotel and the heart of Pointe aux Canonniers, the beach is well equipped with showers, toilets, lampposts, and a parking lot. The calm ocean, the clear water and the sandy seabed make swimming very comfortable.

Troux aux Biches
This beach, lined by Filaos trees, is several kilometres long and has very fine sand. Located near the Troux aux Biches Hotel and the police station of the village, this public beach can be easily reached from the main coastal highway. This nice beach has no special amenities and is not lighted at night. The lagoon is very quiet, has a sandy seabed and is not deep.

Mont Choisy
This one of the most important and well-known meeting places for Mauritanians on the weekends and also a camp site for teenagers during the holidays. This beach is ideal for people who want to meet locals. Along the beach street merchants offer handicraft, parasols made of straw, deck chairs, Coconut milk and other local specialties. Patrols and guards are doing regular controls. The quiet lagoon is very large and not deep.

Cap Malheureux
The Cap Malheureux beach is located on the Northern tip of Mauritius, with a fantastic view over the small volcanic islands of Ile Plate, Ile Ronde and Coin de Mire. It is an oasis of tranquility, far from the urbanised world. It offers a harmonic atmosphere, ideal for those seeking some peace and quiet. The unusual chapel on the beach is a popular object for photographers. The name Cap Malheureux (Cape of Misfortune) originated after the English arrived here silently on 2nd September 1810 and drove the French away from the island. This beach is less popular, because there are large, black lava stones found here, but there are some smaller bays along the coastline where you can enjoy the clear water of the Laguna. Swimming shoes are recommended. On the public beach there are sanitary facilities and small snack stands, which offer Mauritian food throughout the day.

Pointe aux Canonniers
Pointe aux Canonniers, the largest bay, is a true feast for the eyes with beautiful turquoise-coloured water. Around the bay the location has developed into the tourist centre of Mauritius. You can find everything a tourist needs here.

The public beach is less suitable for swimming as the bay is occupied by a fleet of boats, which are quietly moored in the bay throughout the day. Nevertheless the sight of the most beautiful bay in Mauritius is not to be missed. Be enchanted by the beautiful shades of blue as the colours of the bay glisten in the sun, changing from light turquoise to a powerful blue to a remote dark marine-blue. There are snack stands with local food along the busy beach promenade, which shimmers in the evening under the lights from the restaurants and street lamps.

A few minutes’ drive from Pointe aux Canonniers, located in the centre of Peryberes, there is a lively public beach which is popular with the locals as well as tourists. Primarily on the weekends, bank holidays and school holidays you will experience the typical family life of the Mauritian's. Lying on the white sand and looking out from the small bay provides a great view over the turquoise-blue water with the occasional catamaran passing by. The shallow water is perfect for young children to splash around in and the gorgeous sandy beaches offer ideal conditions for children who love to make sand castles. Everything you need, for your comfort and entertainment, is provided in the surrounding restaurants and bars. The Doner kebab, which you can buy on the beach, is highly recommended. Sanitary facilities, as well as lighting for evenings and nights, are available.

Pointe aux Canonniers
The Pointe aux Canonniers beaches, which are approximately 6 km long and cling to a peninsula, have fine sands and are broken up by lava rocks in some places. There are many small and hidden bays which are perfect for those seeking tranquility The sea is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The coast is primarily cultivated with several hotels, holiday homes and private homes; one of these holiday homes would be ideal for your holiday if you really wish to benefit from this amazing beach. The small Pointe aux Canonniers beaches are located North of Mont Choisy, approximately 4km from Grand Bay.

Pointe aux Piments
The Pointe aux Piments beach is long and runs from Baie aux Tortues to Trou aux Biches. The sandy beach is repeatedly divided into stony sections and provides isolated and romantic bays. The beach is of considerable length but it is very narrow in places.

The highlight of Pointe aux Piments is the coral reef, located close to the coast, with perfect conditions for snorkeling. and diving. The Baie aux Tortues bay, and the adjacent coastal areas, were declared the first Ocean National Park because of their bio diversity.

On the Pointe aux Piments beach there are more luxury hotels, apartment complexes and holiday homes. The public beach is very small and is located directly in the town. Here you find culinary offers and you quickly come into contact with the locals. For swimming and snorkeling. it is worthwhile heading in the direction of the hotel.

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