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Exploring Central Mauritius
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Central region of Mauritius
The Curepipe plateau, National Parks, Hiking trails, Plantations, Temples, Statues, Shrines and much more to explore. See our brief guide to central Mauritius below.

Mauritius - The centre of the island

On the mountain plateau of Mauritius Curepipe is worth a trip. The town offers a milder climate than the coastal regions and was mainly inhabited by the British in former times. A day without a drop of rain is rare and an umbrella should be taken along during a stroll in the city.

In Curepipe the holidaymaker can admire some beautiful colonial villas, especially near Sir John Pope Hennessy Street. The town hall with its 4 corner towers and the impressive perron is also worth a visit. In the park across the street one can take a look at the bronze statue of Paul and Virginie, which reminds of the famous novel by Bernadin de Saint-Pierre. The Casino de Maurice is always busy and makes the gambler’s heart beat faster. On the market the visitor is able to take colourful pictures of fruits and vegetables. Another popular destination is the botanical garden, which can’t be compared to the one in Pamplemousses, but still invites for a promenade. The most famous sightseeing spot of Curepipe is the volcanic crater Trou aux Cerfs. From the edge of the crater you can enjoy a fantastic view on the Mauritian mountains.

Only some minutes away from Curepipe the suburb Floreal invites for a visit. Here one can find a textile museum and a big shopping centre. Loads of boutiques, factory shops and tax-free shopping will rejoice shopping-fans.

Black River Gorges National Park
The nature reserve Black River Gorges National Park with its area of 6574 hectares is the biggest nature reserve in Mauritius and covers 3.5% of the island’s terrain. There are about 50km of hiking trails which lead through the jungle-like nature with rivers and waterfalls. There are trails for easy promenades and for exhausting trekking tours with height differences of up to 400m. These lead for example to the Alexandra Falls, a magnificent waterfall. With a bit of luck one can meet some monkeys or exotic birds during the trip. The adventurous visitor will be attracted by the highest mountain of Mauritius, the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire. It takes only 1-2 hours to climb it, as its peak is at only 828m. The Black River National Park: the highlight for the nature lover!

Bois Chéri
Tea time! Amidst green tea plantations the holidaymaker will find the tea factory and museum Bois Chéri. In Bois Chéri ca. 75% of the Mauritian tea is produced. In the morning one can watch the tea pickers at work. During a tour through the museum the visitor can learn about the manufacturing of tea. In the little museum one can find an old steam engine and other instruments of tea manufacturing. Furthermore greenhouses with vanilla plants and red-blossomed anthurias can be visited. Of course, a cup of tea completes the visit at Bois Chéri.

Le Val Nature Park
The Le Val Nature Park is a popular destination amongst Mauritian's and tourists. A lot of Mauritian families spend their week-ends here, relaxing at the small streams and waterfalls or enjoying a trip on the lake with a paddleboat. The fish that you catch while fun-fishing may be taken home. Many attractions elate especially to kids: horse riding, a small train, giant tortoises, deer, sheep and colourful birds.

Grand Bassin
The lake Grand Bassin is the centre of Hindu belief in Mauritius. Around the lake one can find numerous temples with statues and shrines. In order to visit all of them, the holidaymaker should plan enough of time. According to a legend Grand Bassin was created during a trip of the god Shiva and his wife Parvati. During their trip around the world they also landed in Mauritius. Shiva was carrying the river Ganges on his head to save the world from floods. But as the landing in Mauritius was a bit rough, Shiva spilled some of the water, which fell into an old crater. That’s how Grand Bassin was created and that’s why its water is regarded as holy by the Hindu population of Mauritius. They pilgrimage here to celebrate their belief especially on holidays and weekends.

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