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Mauritius holiday and Resorts guide

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Mauritius is a subtropical paradise island off the East coast of Africa surrounded by colourful reefs and stunning golden beaches. Awesome rain forests and waterfalls, vibrant towns, friendly people, luxury resorts and gastronomic heaven from the cuisine. Come explore the top resorts in Mauritius
A beach resort in Mauritius

Mauritius: Introduction.
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Mauritius holidays suit anyone in search of a relaxing holiday. Beautifully positioned in the middle of the Indian Ocean, its striking volcanic rocks form steep gorges and its jagged hills give way to beautiful, reef-protected beaches, lapped by warm lagoons. Lush sugar-cane plantations swathe the hillsides above world-class hotels and the friendly locals always extend a warm welcome to their guests. Mauritius is for those who appreciate nature, scenery and a distinctive culture with a touch of romance.