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Top Kenya Guides. Mombasa - Malindi - Nyali - Watamu
Remember - This is Africa, though many hotels may not be the standard you expect, Don't expect Vegas or Dubai rooms, but to us it's incredible! The common thing is that the staff make up for it all a million times. Of the entire planet, hotel staff in Mombasa are the most friendly and helpful and they will try to make your holiday a very special one to remember.
A word about 'beach boys'. Many complain about their persistence in trying to sell you things on the beach. But remember, during the day they may seem a nuisance but they also make the beach safer from any really undesirables. Also, you will get far better deals for anything from safaris to bangles than in the hotel or local shops. Even benson hedges for £5! And also remember, they are striving to make a simple living and most walk miles home each day often without money at all to a mud house and starving family.
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Resorts: Reviews and Photos
Ashnil Aruba Safari Lodge - Tsavo Park
Baobab Beach Resort - Galu Beach
Diani Sea Lodge - Diani Beach
Dolphin Hotel - Shanzu Beach
Flamingo Beach - Shanzu Beach
Hemingways Resort - Watamu
Holiday Inn - Nairobi
Intercontinental Hotel - Nairobi
Indian Ocean Beach Club - Diani Beach
Jannat House - Lamu
Kaskazi Beach Hotel - Diani Beach
Leisure Lodge Resort - Diani Beach
Leopard Beach Hotel - Diani Beach
Mnarani Club - Kilifi
Masai Mara Safari- Sekenani
Neptune Paradise Village - Diani Beach
Ngulia Safari Camp - Tsavo West National Park
Nyali Beach Resort - Nyali Beach
Papillon Lagoon Reef - Diani Mombasa
Paradise Beach Hotel - Shanzu Beach
Pinewood Village - Galu Beach, Diani
Plaza Beach Hotel - Bamburi Beach
Reef Hotel - Nyali Beach
R R Safari and Beach Club - Kikambala
Samburu Simba Safari - Buffalo Springs
Sarova Mara Safari Game Camp - Masai Mara National Park
Sarova Stanley Hotel - Nairobi
Satao Camp Safari - Tsavo East Park
Scorpio Villas - Malindi
Sekenani Safari Camp - Masai Mara
Serena Beach Hotel - Shanzu beach
Severin Sea Lodge - Bamburi Beach
Silver Springs Hotel - Nairobi
Siria Safari Camp - Masai Mara
Southern Palms Beach - Diani Beach
Sun & Sand Beach Club  - Kikambala
The Cove Retreat - Mombasa
Tiwi Beach Hotel - Mombasa
Travellers Club - Mombasa
Turtle Bay - Watamu
Voyager Beach Hotel - Mombasa
Whitesands Resort -
Mombasa: Amazing beaches - If you walk down to 'pirate beach' you get amazing camel rides very cheap. Locals are lovely and if you bargain with them you can get really good bargains. Lively resort, good range of places to see when going out. Some of the best sites are the beaches and the animal areas. The cost of eating and drinking here is quite cheap if you ask me! Most of the restaurant prices were well priced for their food.
Watamu: There is loads to do in Watamu including horse riding round a local village, big game fishing, visit to the Gudi Ruins and so much more. Sales people are sometimes over friendly and hard to get rid of but you just need to be friendly and firm.

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