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Explore historic Port Antonio with guides, advice, photos and reviews for all visitors. Port Antonio is certainly gifted with the beauty of mother nature. Where to go (and where not too), what exciting things to do, must see places and useful tips for touring this magnificent city, Watch out for our new 'where to eat' and 'where to stay' sections. Looking for a hotel? Check out our accommodation reviews for Kingston from hotels to hostels.

About Port Antonio. The town sits in a large protected bay on the Jamaican north coast and the capital of Jamaica’s Portland Parish. Often refered to as mother natures garden of Eden stretching to wonderous locations like the John Crow Mountains, the pools formed by Reach Falls and Somerset Fall, While the Blue Lagoon and underground springs are known for its enticing blue waters. To the east of Port Antonio are the exclusive places like Frenchmans Cove, San San, Winnifred and Boston beaches where unspoilt nature meets the warm Caribbean sea. To the west across the Rio Grande are St Margarets and Hope Bay. Allthough on the coast, Port Antonio's beaches are small and you need to explore a little to find the real beauties. But its not the beaches alone that visitors come to Port Antonio for. The area is steeped in history which suddendly burst into activity in the 1880's when it became the first banana export port while importing wealthy American tourists. In fact, Port Antonio was the official start of tourism to Jamaica. These days, the area is one of Jamaicas main tourist bases for those seeking the tranquility, beauty and friendly environment, with a desire to explore natures nearby wonders.
The West Harbour is being developed into a world class marina while other major projects include luxury villas, shops, hotels and restaraunts. There are many luxury homes on the hills along the coastline and many parts have been used in films like Treasure Island and the James Bond Goldeneye & Doctor No, along with dozens of other feature films.
As with most places there is always crime but Portland has long been considered one of the most peaceful places to live in Jamaica and this year it reduced a further 24% making the area the safest place in Jamaica. The main contributing factor of crimes are due to domestic disputes.
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