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Exclusive travel reviews from tourists Travelers. We specialize in offering exclusive reviews on resorts, hotels and local areas. Our reach across social media tourism is into millions and we are partnered with some of the biggest names in travel. Benefit from potential clients using our exclusive insights and the wealth of reviews inside our travel directory.
Hotel promotions in Caribbean

Why list in the 'Exclusive Travel' Directory?
There are four primary ways to get bookings.
1. On a booking agents site (Booking.com etc).
2. Travel Directories, sites and blogs.
3. Social media.
4. All of the above.
Needless to say, successful businesses in the tourism industry use number 4.

While being on sites such as Booking.com and others, will bring you much business, there is a price. Most charge anywhere from 15%-35% depending on your location, number of rooms, price of rooms, and competition in your area. If you want to be ranked higher among properties in your location, expect to pay an even higher commission rate.
However, any booking that comes direct to you has none of that cost. The problem for many hotel owners is the number 1 choice above is all they have ever used. Many do not even have a website let alone listed anywhere of importance except maybe Yellow Pages. So is that potential new customer in Europe looking for a week in Kingston going to have a Jamaican Yellow Pages laying around?
No, they are going to search google and browse through several sites searching for something that catches their eye. So if a hotel owner has no website, no social media and not listed on important directories like Exclusive Travel, they are never able to avoid paying that 15%-35% commission on every single booking.

Now just suppose that person in Europe or anywhere else in the world came across your hotel featured in our Caribbean hotel directory and booked with you direct. Say for $500 and assuming normal commission at only 20%, that's $100 extra in your pocket!
Now just imagine having many such direct bookings a year, your extra profit could be $1000's

For accommodation owners who do not want direct bookings, preferring to stay only on an agents site like Booking.com, no problem. Your listing in the Exclusive Travel Directory will be linked directly to your hotel listing on the agents site. Ensuring the potential booking goes to YOUR hotel and NOT the default landing page of hotels in the area on the agents site, thereby eliminating confusion for the potential client by not showing competing hotels.

Who we are.
The Exclusive Travel Caribbean Directory is a new division of our global sister website's Excluss and Flightcenter, serving governments, companies and tourists in the travel industry since 1998. The directory is a constantly expanding point of resource for travelers looking at the Caribbean for business or pleasure accommodation, specifically Jamaica. We feature information and attractions around the main areas and list Hotels, Apartments, Guest Houses, Restaurants and tourist related services available in that area along with independent reviews and if featured, photos, videos and full report on the business.

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Inclusion in the Directory.

Listing in the directory with picture, name, address, phone.
Two review examples, one positive and one negative.

Gold: The above plus:-
A full website page promoting you on the Exclusive Travel website.
Enhanced photo gallery to showcase your business at its best with up to 10 images.
Write up about your business and services.
Indexing submissions to the Google database.
Linked to your websites reservations or listing on booking agents site.

Diamond: All above plus:-
If not already, get featured on PAGE ONE of Google.
Submissions of your business to over 1400 search providers globally.
Be featured with photo and article on at least 20 different travel blogs.
Many backlinks from travel sites created to your listing or website
All your images and videos specially edited to enable indexing by Google and other search platforms.
Monthly advertising to 100's of thousands of travelers across popular Social Media platforms.
Features, likes, shares etc created across Facebook and other SM platforms.
Unlimited photo gallery images.
Up to two videos.
If required, we can even monitor your reviews on Booking.com, Hotels.com or TripAdvisor, answering on your behalf reviews submitted by customers.


SILVER. £42 (JM$7000) per year
GOLD. £90 (JM$15000 per year
DIAMOND. £290 (JM$49000) per year. This is fantastic value!
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Additional or stand alone options. (Enquire)
Professional photo shoot.
No video? No problem. Professionally made and narrated video of your business, including uploading and featured on YouTube, website and other platforms.
Complete new website or rebuild existing to conform with Website Optimization (SEO) and latest standards.
Global or selected country branding and promotion of services.

Promote. Spread your brand and business across the globe. Reach out to new customers
Excite. Display photos, videos and website. Instantly share details with potential customers online and on-the-go
Influence. Share reviews and be featured in global search that influences booking decisions.

An opportunity of exposure to a vast and increasing audience. Everyone researches the Internet before traveling, if they don't find YOU, then they wont book with YOU! Excluss has been helping hotels with their web promotion strategies for years so if you want YOUR hotel featured and top of the Google list - contact Exclusive Travel today and welcome new customers tomorrow. Hotel promotions in Jamaica