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Latest news, could natural remedies help against the Zika Virus?

Natural Remedies - Zika virus:

natural herbs for remedies


Its been known for a long time that an English herb Sweet Wormwood contains many chemical ingredients that are a powerful medicine that can help defeat malaria and block colon cancer. One of its compounds 'artesunate' is very effective in treating Malaria. A Chinese medicinal herb known as Qing Hao is also very effective for treating mosquito borne diseases. There are many natural remedies for virtually every illness all around us.

With Zika or any sickness keep the fever in check and prevent dehydration by keeping up fluids and electrolytes. Don't take pharmacy anti-inflammatory medicines. Instead take herbal anti-inflammatory like curcumin and catís claw. Use herbal antivirals like Echinacea tincture, or Isatis and Andrographis extracts. Also try Chinese skullcap, Scutellaria. For the treatment of viruses, herbs are best taken in concentrated forms like tinctures or standardize extracts in capsules. Take vitamin C, zinc, and selenium supplements to boost immunity. Do a complete detox with possibly the worlds most used supplement 'Clean 9', even the celebs use it. De-toxing the body should be an annual thing anyway, but with any virus infection, it can help purify your body and reinstate all the good things in double quick time.

TIP: A to maintain the bodies electrolytes which is vital with any form of sickness, do the following; Put a spoonful of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt (preferably Himalayan pink salt) in half a glass of warm water. Stir thoroughly until all dissolved and drink it straight down. This saline mixture is the same as the hospital 'drip' used for patients. It restores the bodies electrolytes. Great if your feeling a little run down at anytime.

To maintain your bodies natural defense system I personally recommend taking pure Aloe Vera and Artic Sea Calamari with Omega-3 capsules each day. Plus of course a good mixture of healthy foods.
Having had two near death experiences with a one in a million survival, I can truly testify to the power of taking the right supplements. I maybe closing on 70 but still in my thirties in mind and body as my much younger wife can testify and I intend staying that way.
My secret? Use herbs and Himalayan salt in cooking, stay away from prescribed pharmaceutical medicines where possible, take Forever Aloe and Artic sea daily and think young. Click any link above to find out more.

KEEP YOUR YARD CLEAR! Prevention is better than cure. Check around the garden or yard for anything that can hold water, even a tiny amount. An effective spray that mosquitoes hate, in fact, lots of pests do as well, is a mixture of cayenne pepper, garlic and lemon. Mix it up with water in a used kitchen spray container and spray around the exterior base of the house, along fences or just about any shady area where these nasty insects hide. Wont harm your plants, but will deter any nasty bugs that attack them.

The oldest of natural bite preventions is still the humble lemon. Mosquitoes hate the citric smell especially from the lemon skin. When I'm on holiday, I just pick up a lemon, score the skin with my nails and rub it over exposed body parts. Then just cut the lemon in half and put each side of the bed post.  Not a Bzzzzzzzzz in ear shot! Helps firm the skin as well. Oh and just like their vampire counterparts, they certainly don't like garlic. Maybe thats where all those Dracula films got the idea from? Oh and they hate Lemon Grass and Lavender as well, so grow around the house. Put some dried lavender flowers inside a sock and shove it under your pillow. Not only keep those mossies away, you will have one of the best nights sleep ever.

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